How Do Male Kegels Work?

How Do Male Kegels Work?
Kegels are for men too!

Most people think of Kegels as something that women should do. However, men should actually be doing them too! More and more research is showing that Kegels have many benefits for men. So if they are important for men, how do they do them?

How do Kegels Benefit Men?

            Male Kegels are very beneficial for men in several different ways. Studies have shown that men who do Kegels also improve their sex life. They can even have a better orgasm. While this encourages all men to start Kegels, there are also benefits for older men, or men who have had prostate cancer. As people age their muscles become weaker. This is true for the pelvic floor muscles as well. These muscles help with bladder control. As the muscles weaken, incidents of leaking may increase. This issue makes people not want to go out or makes them feel anxious any time they are out for fear of a leak.  Male Kegels help re-strengthen the pelvic floor muscles so this does not happen.

How Do Male Kegels Work?

How To Do Them

            First, it is important to identify the right muscles. Do this think about the muscles you use to hold in gas. These are the muscles you want to target. If that does not work, while you are urinating try and stop the flow of urine the muscles you used are the pelvic floor muscles. It is important not to stop your flow of urine too often though, as this can lead to future health problems.  If you are having trouble finding your pelvic floor muscles, talk to your doctor.

Once you have properly identified the pelvic floor muscles, you can work them out. To start you want to contract your pelvic floor muscles for a slow count of five. You then want to release them to a slow count of five. You should try to repeat this 10 times. It is important to note that when you are doing Kegels to not tense your buttock, legs, or stomach.

For some men, having a biofeedback machine, which is a device that helps them see if they are using their pelvic floor muscles, can help. What’s great about Kegels is that once you get the hang of them they can be done anywhere, no one can tell you are doing them. Click here for more tips on how to do male Kegels.

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