Making a Positive Impact on the World with a Music Degree

When you are thinking about enrolling in college, you have to consider what your passion actually is. Sometimes, this can be really difficult because you may have alternative passions, and you may not know how to bring those two together. For instance, how could you use music degree programs to make a positive difference in the developing world? It is very important, therefore, that you consider not just what you want, but also what you like, what you can do, and what the school offers.


Music Degrees to Change the World

If you are passionate about music, then a music degree may just the perfect solution for you. Don’t see this as an easy way to learn to jam with some friends, but rather as a way to really learn how to apply music. And therein lies the key. If you are also passionate about making the world a better place, then being able to apply your skills is absolutely vital. Music is, according to many, the true international language. There isn’t a culture on this planet where music hasn’t played a part in their development. Furthermore, during a music degree, you will learn not just about instruments, but also about music pedagogy and history. Is it starting to come together yet?

The current refugee crisis is a very good example. You will have heard of the many refugee camps all across Europe, where people are waiting in the hopes of a better life, away from the wars and oppression in their own countries. These people are in dire straits, and have very little to look forward to. If they are lucky and are able to apply for asylum somewhere, they have to suddenly immerse themselves in a completely new culture. And this is where you could come in with your music degree.

Imagine, if you will, that you have learned how to play the drums. You have finished your degree and look forward to a gap year. Why not go to Thessaloniki in Greece, providing happiness to those who really need it, while at the same time teaching them important things, and learning from them at the same time. The drum is an instrument that is used across cultures, but any instrument will do. The rhythms on various cultures are different, however, and people there will love nothing more than hearing you play the rhythms of your particular culture. You will provide so much happiness and joy, a little light in a sea of darkness. And you would be surprised at how much they can teach you. It won’t be long before someone comes forward from Africa and plays a haunting melody. Or someone from the Middle East starts to beat the drum very fast, with people dancing everywhere.

A music degree is not just an expression of passion for music, it is an opportunity for you to make a difference. Music makes the world go round, enabling people to express emotions, including happiness.

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