Making Affordable Improvements in Your Home that Don’t Cost a Bundle

You’ve bought a home and now you want to make a few improvements. It can be confusing because there’s so many possibilities for changes to make that you don’t know where to start. There’s also the cost consideration too; not every budget stretches to antiques from New England and other luxurious touches.

Here are a few ideas for making your home better than it currently is without breaking the bank in the process.

First, Clear Away the Clutter

Whether you’ve recently moved the boxes in with all your belongings and are still in the process of unpacking, or you’ve lived in your home for years and have accumulated a lot of stuff, to see the wood for the trees it’s necessary to prune back. With homes, that means removing some of the clutter to see what’s hidden.

Often, you’ll be surprised just how much space is available once you’ve cleared the floors, removed some of the pictures or paintings on the walls, and put unwanted furniture into storage (or the garage temporarily).

Natural Light and Indoor/Outdoor Lighting

It’s common to find homes that look less attractive because they let in little natural light and have poor levels of illumination in many of the rooms.

Starting with natural light, it’s not possible to get more light into the rooms if the windows haven’t been cleaned since the Clinton administration. Use a duster or brush to clean the window frames, sills and any screens over the windows. To clean the windows, a sponge attached to a pole is best to reach all corners of every window around the home. A bucket with warm water and some window cleaner solution is all that’s needed to get cleaning. Make sure you have a chamois to dry any remaining moisture off when you’re done.

With the poor illumination, sometimes light fixtures require modernizing. A series of little LED spotlights is brighter than older light fixtures in many cases. Older lighting is usually less effective and dates the home due to its age. Taking the time to overhaul the lighting in each room removes the darkness instantly, making every room more appealing to spend time in.

Check for a Pest Problem Before It’s Too Late

It’s never clear right away whether there’s a problem with pests in the home, under the floorboards or in the garden area. Taking care of any issue early on is important to avoid further problems later. It’s best to go with a company like Turner Pest Control Orlando that uses all eco-friendly solutions, is a family-run business, and is one of only 3 percent of similar businesses that bear the QualityPro certification mark of quality.

The improvements to your home don’t all have to be done at once. You can take your time to work through a single problem or address one room at a time before moving to another room. This way, it doesn’t become overwhelming and you see steady progress towards your home improvement goals.

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