What Makes a Good Bartender?

To become a successful bartender, it requires you to have some charisma and savvy. This is the kind of job in which your personality has a significant effect on your success. Your job involves providing drinks, serving, and organizing. You also need to be a cashier, psychiatrist, friend and finally a neat freak. What makes a good bartender is great customer service since the biggest percentage of your income will come from tips. The following are some of the things that will make you a good bartender.

Good Attitude Each and every bartender need to remember that this is a hospitality industry. Irrespective of how bad your day is progressing, it requires you to maintain a healthy attitude and also give all the customers equal treatment. Small things like smiling and greeting as the client are grabbing a seat and thanking them as they are leaving can make an enormous impression. Maintain the bar’s cleanliness dirty bar exhibits the greatest degree of unprofessionalism of a bartender. Each and every time water or spills is seen on the bar top; they should immediately be wiped down using a clean bar towel. Return the bottles to where you got them straight away. Dispose of the garbage as soon as you see them.


Cocktail napkins should be regularly replaced among other cleanliness habits. Give suggestions making a suggestion is one of those things that will give an impression to the customers that you care about their experience. Sometimes clients might fail to make a decision and in such a position, your suggestion will be very relevant. In the majority of the instances, you advise to the customers will be taken, and this is just because you are the expert, and they will show you how grateful they are. Have a good memory. This is the key to maintaining control over a busy bar. You will have customers that immensely dislike looking at empty glasses in front of them, yells of drink orders one after the other, and also have some stock that you have to check on. A good memory will help you overcome all the misfortunes. Anticipate you should have good knowledge about everything found in your bar. You should know which stock and when it needs to be restocked. If you notice that a customer is just about to finish his or her sip, ask if they would like another.

Anticipating the needs of the bar will hopefully simplify everything that goes on in the bar. Be fair is a natural thing to treat each person differently; however this habit shouldn’t be part of the bartender. You should show the same amount of attention and care to each and every one at your bar whether it is a newcomer or an old friend. Avoid as much as possible having a deeper conversation with one client than the others.

Be honest all the people that enter the bar trust you for being the well-experienced bartender. The worst mistake you can ever do is breaking that trust. Overcharging and under pouring will in no time terribly spoil your reputation and might lead to you losing your job. Pouring a drink for a friend is very unprofessional and unacceptable. Do not fix tips even though tips will contribute to the biggest percentage of your income as a bartender, becoming obsessed about getting the best gratuity every time is a terrible idea. If you show a look of disgust at a tip by one client, others will notice it and negatively change their perception of you. Begging for tips is the worst etiquette.

Be strict about the age Even though this might appear at first as if it is a bad customer service issue, it helps to ensure that everyone in the bar is legally having a good time. If you suspect that someone might be below the restricted age, ask for his or her ID to save yourself from the trouble in case they are underage. Above everything else, be professional the points noted above all conclude to one point, and that is professionalism. Projection of a professional appearance and attitude is critical. Providing your customers with the best experience will make them have trust in you and cause them to come back again and again.

Maintaining friendly conversations, wearing clean clothes that are appropriate for the creation and maintaining of professionalism will set up an environment that will be appreciated by both the clients and management. Working as a bartender is a profession and no matter what your reasons are for doing it, you should treat it as such.

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