What Makes The Best Advertising Agency for You in Malaysia?

No matter in which business you’re from, there’s no denying that you will need to do some sort of marketing or promoting in order to have the public know about what you offer, what you sell and what you provide. Getting stuck on how to do is totally normal, but having it done badly will not only hamper the progress of your company, but as well as tarnish the impression.

This is where the important role of advertising agencies come into play.

Before we get started, it’s worth to know what is the difference between an advertising company and an advertising agency.

First of all, do you look for an advertising ‘Company’ or an advertising ‘Agency’?

A company, in general, refers to any organizations that do commercial business. It could range from works like banking to retails and restaurants, and to works like fishing. An advertising company is a company, as the name suggests, does advertising jobs for its clients. An advertising agency is an advertising company, but not all advertising companies are advertising agencies.

An agency, in general, refers to the company that provides a particular service that serves as a medium party that involves in organizing transactions between two other parties. Meaning to say, an advertising agency refers to the company that provides the kind of service where they source out advertising resources from other different companies and pick what they seemed to think best for their clients.

Which is better?

There’s no competition here. It all depends on your preference really, and what your goals are. In brief, advertising agencies might not offer ‘authentic’ sources such as designs from their own manpower, printing through their own machines and etc, but it doesn’t mean that the company is a bad company. They will still be able to provide proper adequate advertising services that could be potentially even better because of the flexibility of the sources that they could choose from. The main difference between agencies and ‘non-agencies’ are that ‘non-agencies’ use their own internal manpower to design and produce advertising products without asking the help of other companies. However, do note that there are also many companies today that use both methods to further increase the flexibility that could help the clients to reach out even more.

So how do you pick out the agency among agencies that best suits you?

#1: Consultancy

One of the obvious ways is to, of course, check out what the company has to offer. Approach the company well prepared and tell them what you want. See what are the solutions that they offer, and compare how is it that you had wanted with what they had suggested. Ask yourself critical questions like these: Are they friendly to negotiate? Are their ways better or worse? Are they giving suggestions to improve your ideas or do they throw their own new ideas at you? Are they easy to communicate at all? Chemistry matters here because if something as basic as communication is hardly established, don’t expect the end product would properly done according to what you had wished for. Most importantly, do they hard-sell? Do they haggle price with inconsistency? Do you in a way feel forced to listen? These are the usual signs of unprofessionalism.

#2: Previous Credentials

Actions speak louder than words. Nothing proves more than their previous works for them. Ask them for what they had done, which company they had worked for as well as the products that they had done for themselves. Even an advertising company has to properly advertise themselves. If their company is good, they will show no hesitation in showing you every product be it in the form of picture, draft, sketch or video. In fact, they would show them with pride.

#3: Location

Location is also utterly important. You may heard of a good advertising agency from your friends, but if it is too far away from you, for instance, one in Penang and you’re from Kuala Lumpur, you might as well ditch the idea unless you’ve sought for a way to communicate. A good advertising has to come from a healthy communication between both parties so that it ensures smooth production in the products. Expect to travel back and forth repeatedly in order to discuss about your campaign thoroughly as well as to always recheck and reconfirm if their works are according to what you had wanted.  Do bear in mind that it is impossible to deliver the information of what you had in mind just through speaking for once or over a cam or phone.

#4: Comparing Quality and Price

Even if the first advertising agency you have approached hits everything that you had wished for; the design, the method, the price, etc, always make sure to compare at least a few other advertising agencies. There is no brain that thinks alike. One could be worse, but another could be better. You might miss an even better option by skipping them out.

#5: Availability and Punctuality

Many might overlook availability, but if the persons in charge are always busy to even talk to you about your product discussion or kept you waiting despite the appointment time, then expect to receive your product late from the given due date. It will definitely be frustrating to delay what you had planned for long especially when it influences your market reach that most likely generates more profit.

#6: Know yourself

Be assured of what you wanted. Know facts such as the type of company you’re establishing, the services you’re selling, your budget as well as your target markets. These factors play an important role on how the advertising agencies would offer. Do note that each of their strategies may vary and it is up to you to think which suits best for your current situation at hand.

#7: Know your Designers

Being able to know and communicate directly to the person in charge of your product enhances the progress. Using a third person usually filters some of the information presented. This is where misunderstanding takes place most of the time.

Also, ask them if they like working for their company. Working in Malaysia requires long hours. If someone disliking their job is working on the products for your campaign, it would less likely  to be able to bring up your product at its most potential.

#8: Research

Do not ever forget to research about your potential agencies. Feedback and reviews are critical when it comes to service providers. They are usually always available online so that is one good place to start. Other ways include posting in social media or asking your own bunch of business network.

The Best of the Best

Finding a good advertising agency is no easy task especially if you don’t know where to begin. Perhaps you might want to try one like CUBEevo to start out. But do bear in mind that even the best companies aren’t perfect. Some clients might not even like their works at all and prefer to choose another over them. The person who could decide what makes an agency the best for you is you, yourself. Be sure to always ask questions when there’s any doubts and avoid judging a company based on its looks and environment. Because in the end, it is you and your product that matters. Take it like you’re choosing a partner. Outlooks do not mean anything, but what matters most is that the person you journey with throughout the life of your business should be the right one.

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