How to Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger

How to Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Moving around a small bedroom can sometimes be quite frustrating. It can also be a bigger headache when you want to start buying things only to realize that you no longer have space in your bedroom to put them. Even fixing your bed becomes a workout due to how many times you end up hitting your toes or bumping your knees on the edge of the bed. It is literally a nightmare!

When it comes to small bedrooms, the trick is to always make it look and feel bigger is complimenting your room with items and colors that will amplify the amount of space you have. Like Louie Santaguida for example, his way of thinking revolves around building homes that are more eco friendly, practical and efficient. He is known for making beautiful living spaces and turning them into works of art by being practical. If you can think like him, then chances are, you can also turn your small bedroom into a masterpiece.

Here are some ways you can make your small room look spacious and airy.


  1. Know the correct angle – Moving your furniture against the wall or moving it around does not always guarantee that your room will look bigger. Try moving your bed to a certain angle and compliment it with a thin mat underneath or behind your bed to give off the appearance of a bigger room. The mat should be the same color as your bed/mattress.
  1. Use mirrors –Have you ever went to a carnival and tried going inside the room of mirrors? Have you noticed that different mirrors give different looks? The same goes for a small room, mirrors will naturally make your small room look bigger. You can also have your cabinet doors installed with a bunch of mirrors that fold to the side when opened, to give the appearance of a bigger space.
  2. How to Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger
  1. Use light colors – When redecorating a bedroom, the colors that you pick will normally determine the effect it will cause on the size of your room. The best colors to use on a small room are monochromatic colors like white, off white, beige, or a pale grey color. These colors will expand your room. Try to paint your walls with different shades of one color, to give it some variety.
  1. Don’t cover your windows – If you have windows in your room, it is better to leave them un-covered. Decorating them with drapes will make your room look dark, dreary and small. The light coming from un-covered windows will naturally add depth to your small space. If you do not feel comfortable without drapes, it is recommended to buy gauzy sheer type drapes to allow light to get inside your room but keep you safe from peepers.
  1. Use popped ceilings – Using this technique for your room will add height, and painting it with a dark color will create depth. That way it creates the illusion of a big room.

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