The Main Types of Company Registrations in UAE

When setting up business in the United Arab Emirates, you’ll find that you have more than one type of company registration to choose from. These various registration types are designed to help better define your business, so that the correct license and requirements are adhered to for your industry. That means you’ll need to work with someone such as a RAK offshore company expert that can help you to better determine the right registration for your business.

Offshore Company Registration

The first type of registration is for an offshore company. This company is ideal for individuals who are looking to break into trading imports in the country. Typically, this is a cheaper approach than a traditional international businesses doing business in the area, because you are located in a free zone. However, you need to pay close attention to all the rules and regulations that are in place for this type of registration. After all, you don’t want to end up having any headaches along the way.

Limited Liability Companies

When registered under this license, a company can still do business in a Free Zone, or other area of Dubai. They are also allowed to actually purchase local property for their business, an option not available to the offshore company registration. Investors are also allowed to obtain a 3 year vista and emirates ID that will allow them and their spouses and dependents to remain in the area during this time. The timeframe can be extended on these items, so long as the process is started before the timeframe runs out.

Onshore Limited Liability Companies

This option is only available when a UAE national has a controlling majority of the shares in a company. In this case, you would give at least 51% of the company to someone to hold onto it. In exchange for that, they can claim the value of the shares as your business begins to do better. The government is a possible partner for this, but they will require certain conditions to be met, along with the requirement to maintain a specific size and to only perform certain activities in the process.
If you’re ready to take the next step and to register your business in Dubai, trust the folks at This team of experts will take the time to help you to understand all the associated fees, paperwork, and requirements that are in place so that your business can continue to thrive.

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