The Luxury of Choosing a SuitablePrepaid Mobile Plan

A number of customer-specific benefits are offered through the classification of pre-paid and post-paid mobile plans. Enabling both sections of mobile users to benefit from mobile connectivity, it comes as a wise move to choose a befitting prepaid plan keeping in mind the usage of your phone towards making calls and conversing through text messages. It is for this purpose that every mobile service provider offers a host of plans that are tailor-made to suit the varying demands of mobile users. In keeping with this basic motive of providing quality service to customers, this app goes the extra mile in enlisting many prepaid plans that can be chosen.

A Befitting Mobile Prepaid Plan in Tandem with Your NeedsMobiKwik-Logo1(3)

Offering a plethora of benefits concerning talk time and text messaging services, it is now easy to browse for different Idea Prepaid Plans through this app. Mentioning the validity of each plan along with the benefits of local and STD call options, Idea customers can make the most of the listing to choose a particular plan depending on their requirements. The Idea Network which makes its strong presence felt in many states across India enables patrons to select their circle for them to choose a plan that is operational in their region. With an option of choosing full talk time, there are plans which are meant to extend the validity. Enabling patrons to choose between various National and Local SMS packs, these offers suit the “staying-in-touch” needs of customers who converse extensively through text messages.

The Smart Way to Make Mobile Bill Payments

Driving down or stepping into the nearest customer care outlet to make a mobile bill payment is passé. Now is the age of making your Airtel mobile bill payment by simply keying in the pertinent customer specific information before viewing your bill on the homepage of MobiKwik. And once the billing details are confirmed, this reliable payment gateway proceeds to authenticate the keyed in information which will then be processed in seconds’ time to result in a successful online bill payment.

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