Looking to Strengthen Your RRSP? Invest in Gold and Silver

Over the centuries, nearly every culture on the planet have used or encountered gold in the form of currency. Because of its rarity and beauty, gold has always been a sign of wealth, dominance and social security. When the gold standard was dropped, the value of our contemporary currencies became disassociated with the value of gold. This also means that our currencies are somewhat untethered, and can fall and rise unpredictably in times of political turmoil.


Nowadays, with gold and silver, investors can create strategies that return us to a point of potential stability — if we take the right opportunities, that is. See, the best way to create an investment goal or strategy for yourself isn’t to buy or hoard bonds haphazardly, but rather to weigh your options and carefully select parts of your portfolio that will balance each other out. Inflation can eat away the value of money stored in a bank or in the form of a real estate investment, but bullion offersa solid, long-term investment as well as a valuable portfolio addition, especially in our current market. Recently, buying silver coins in Toronto at Guildhallwealth.com is easier and safer than it has ever been in the past and is likely to even out the risks you may be taking in other areas of your financial life.

Investing in gold and silver offers a safe way to manage risks in an unstable world. Although investors are looking for high returns, unstable times are calling for more wealth protection. Countries in turmoil are now fighting one another to the front pages; first conflicts in Iran, then Syria, North Korea, Russian and now, even Britain’s exit from the EU is making international news. With the fear of the unpredictable changes in a global economy that is filled with both promise and threat, nations have come to identify the value of acquiring assets such as silver and gold. Additionally, silver bullion from Guildhall has no counter-party risks and presents enormous amounts ofpotential while remaining affordable and undervalued. With China’s supply of silver drying up, the country may well become a lead buyer, putting upward pressure on silver. Its increasing usage in industrial applications, biotech, medicine, and technology will lead to even higher demands of this precious metal, guaranteeing a rise in value.

When you buy bullion from investment experts such as those at Guildhall Wealth, what you’re actually buying is stability and a refuge from potential crisis. The truth is that we cannot predict where tomorrow might take us, and it is always better to be safe than sorry. Secure storage, flexibility, and 24/7 access to your bullion provide you with dependable, anxiety-free service, and the comfort of knowing that your assets are safe does the rest! If you value your future and the future of your family, buying security in any one of the following forms is a great idea:

  • Gold, silver, platinum or palladium bullion
  • Coins
  • Natural fancy colour diamonds

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