Looking For The Cheapest Flights? Here’s How To Get Them

Alongside my business partner Gregory Lindae, I have been traveling throughout the Americas for the best part of 2 years as we try to turn our company into a success. It is fair to say that during those two years, our business didn’t have a great amount of money and so we had to search as much as possible to find the cheapest flight that we possibly could. Throughout this time, we both learned a great deal about how to find the very cheapest flights, and I wanted to share with you how we go about it.

Websites to Check

The best way to find cheap flights is through looking online and there are 2 websites which I would recommend over all of the others. The first website which I will check is Skyscanner, a flight aggregator which searches throughout the internet to find you the very best deals. I love the range of filter options which you get on Skyscanner as well as the fact that it not only searches for the major airlines, but also budget airlines.

The second website which I check is Momondo, this site does almost exactly the same thing as Skyscanner but it is always worth checking as occasionally there are flights on Momondo which don’t feature on Skyscanner for one reason or another.


If you aren’t a huge rush to arrive at your destination, one of the best way to secure yourself some cheap flights is to look for flights which have connections. The best site to search for such flights is Kayak as it includes a round trip with multiple airlines in its search. Connections may suck some of your time but using them you can really save a huge chunk of money. To give you an example, last month I flew from Washington DC to Medellin, the price for a direct flight was $589 return however, I was able to find a flight which connected in Cancun, that cost just $278, a huge saving and in all honesty, the connection only added 5 hours to my overall trip. If you are looking to get the cheapest flights possible, a connection may be the best option for you.

IP Address

Whilst it has never been properly confirmed by airlines, my experience of booking flights is that if you search too many times from the same IP address, for the same flights, those prices soon shoot up. In order to counteract this, you need to search anonymously within your browser. Every browser has an option to do this, in Google Chrome you can use incognito mode, in Opera you can use the built in VPN, don’t underestimate this as from experience, I have almost had my fingers burned on more than one occasion.

The biggest tip on getting the cheapest flights is to book them when you see them, prices will never come down, only go up, so don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

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