Lomag Warehouse Management

You can always expect that a certain business has management for the inventory. One of the inventory management software that you may find ideal in online marketing now is the Lomag Management Software.

Lomag Management Software is one of the best software for the inventory that is being offered to those business owners. These business owners are given a promise from this inventory management system that will be useful for maintaining the organization of the entire business. In this review for the Lomag Management Software, you will be able to know why it is considered as one of the best simple inventory management software.


Features of Net Technology

  • Net Technology is one of the good things that Lomag Management Software has. This is an interface that is very helpful for making an intuitive and very friendly interface that is created into advanced Microsoft.
  • Graphic document editor is another feature which is very helpful for designing own templates for printout with barcodes and photographs.
  • Label designer is the feature that is helpful for making the own labels.
  • With support of FIFO, LIFO, data collections, Barcodes and label printers.


  • It is the inventory management software that is very helpful when it comes to supporting for the prices and accounts. This is optional that is why you have the chance to hide it and keep quantitative items only.
  • It is also very easy to use when it comes to creating and correcting the goods received notes Internal Goods received notes, Goods Issued Notes correction, inventories, Internal branch transfers and Internal Goods Issued Notes.
  • It can also be operated into many computers, authorisations and support of unlimited number of the independent warehouse.
  • You also have the chance to adjust any calculations that you want.
  • It has the capability to make import and export the date from the Excel and support the PDF files.


  • There are some of the people saying that it is not effective yet more people are much on the side of this simple inventory software. And one proof that they have are the inventory management program that is helpful for the growth of managing inventory warehouse.

There are already some of the customers who have proven how this is an effective product for making simple inventory management very simple and easy. If you are going to choose or look for the best software for having your inventory, Lomag warehouse management software is what you are looking for. The decision is still in your hand if this will be the choice that you want for your business so what are you waiting for? Trying this will make you more comfortable with the use of software.

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