Listerine foot soak recipes

Now these times, everyone need to know everything in order to create more peace and calm in the society. The difference between men and women is increases day by day so this article also the source to create equality. Listerine foot soak recipes is actually about the pedicures which in actually the need for both men and women. Especially we all need the foot scrub with respect to time. Men are also need to take care about their feet instead of women. Pedicure provides you the relaxation by removing the dead skin cells from your feet. Listerine is basically the foot soaking product which gives you the pedicure after which you feels relax as much as possible.

Here, the recipe about using the Listerine soaking product. Here the questions is why we need to soak our foot? We take the harder work from our feet each day and due to this they become ugly and many other issues about our feet comes out like skin becomes dry, skin becomes dead due to the dry cells, callouses and fungus. This Listerine recipe or foot soak keep our feet fresh and far away from the problems which describe above. This treatment makes you relaxed as much as possible while you wearing the sandals in summer season. This treatment soothe your muscles, keeps hydrate your skin and important one is, its keeps away the pain from your feet that just caused due to the standing on your feet for hours. Some of the Listerine soak recipes are given.

Listerine & vinegar:

This one is traditional & classical foot soak recipe with the mixture of Listerine and vinegar. This recipe contains following

  • Honey 3 tablespoons
  • Listerine 1½ cup
  • ½ cup vinegar
  • Container for feet
  • Hot water

Add the water and the honey in the container and mix for few minutes. After mixture is formed, add Listerine and vinegar to it. Mix the all mixture for few minute. When the mixture is ready to use, soak your feet and legs with the mixture for minimum 10 minutes. By doing this, after 10 minutes clean your legs with the warm water which gives you relax as much as possible. You feels your feet smooth and less stressed by the muscles tension.

Listerine & Epsom salt:

This recipe also contain the beneficial ingredients for you.

  • ½ cup Epsom salt
  • Lemon juice few drops
  • One and half cup of Listerine
  • Container
  • Warm water

It removes the stress from the feet and improves the regulation of the blood in your blood vessels. After making the solution of all these things (when mixture is ready to use, add some drops of lemon In that mixture) and put the mixture ion your legs gently for 15 minutes this treatment is also use for the minimize or removal of the fungus from your legs and retain tension away from you. So these are the most important and famous Listerine foot soak recipes which you can easily use.

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