Are Linen Services Really Worth It?

If you are running a business, you are probably acutely aware of your bottom line. You’re conscious of your expenses as well as your revenues. Practically every business owner is also trying to get revenues up and expenses down. If you are doing just that, you’ve probably heard someone preaching the virtues of a laundry hire service.
A laundry service will deliver linens to your business on a schedule. They will then pick up those linens and replace them with freshly laundered linens. The laundry service will take the used linens back to their industrial sites, clean them, and put them back into circulation. The economic logic is that you do not have to pay to replace linens, and you do not have to pay energy costs to wash linens. Such logic will save your business money. The thinking behind this business is correct. Such economics of a linen service are very sound and reliable.

The Economics

The economics of a laundry service and delivery in Newcastle are simple. Right now, you are paying for your linens multiple times. You are paying for the linens when you buy them, every time you wash them, and when you have to replace them when they’ve gotten worn down.
The cost of laundering linens is sometimes overlooked, but it can be actually very high.

The Costs of Laundry

A standard washing machine costs as much as £300 per year to run for a family of four in a domestic setting, which means they probably run the washing machine twice a week. A business, especially a restaurant, will run its washing machine two or three times a day, dramatically increasing the amount you are spending. You could be spending thousands of pounds on laundry every year.
You don’t have to spend that much money on laundry anymore. It will only get more expensive since running a washing machine that regularly is inevitably going to lead to some kind of washing machine difficulties. You’ll have to pay to then repair or replace the washing machine.

Linen Services

The Linens

In addition to the costs of laundering the linens, you’ll have to pay to have them replaced whenever one of them gets frayed or faded. Depending on the type of linen you have, that could be pretty frequently.
Furthermore, there is an element of the linens that many people do not consider. Not all of your linens are made from the same material. If you work at a restaurant, you probably have rough linens for the kitchen and much more delicate ones for the dining room, which makes perfect sense. However, it also makes it more difficult to wash such linens.
If you want to wash the delicate linens with the rough ones, you’ll either have to wash them on a cycle that doesn’t get the rough linens clean or frays the delicate linens. Overall, you would need to wash them separately, which can more than double the costs of washing linens.
There is a better way. A professional linen service is the perfect solution.

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