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Installment loans no hard credit check are things of the future. Other loans are things of the past. Remember having to wake up early, getting dressed in your best, taking a day off your day job just to be able to get in line at your local bank branch to apply for a loan? Now you can do the same in pajamas late at night while you are snacking! Thanks to our 100% approval installment loans. A wide variety of loans (including mortgages, postgraduate loans, auto loans, personal loans, loans for the old hand, small business loans, payday loans and consolidated loans) is just a few clicks away with easy access available online; even direct lenders installment loans no turn downs are catered to in the status quo.

That’s a huge plus because post-2009 (economic downturn) banks have been reluctant to offer installment loans for bad credit not payday. Consequently, the interest rates on bank loans and credit cards touch double digits that can always add to the burden of repayment which is hard for many people worldwide to apply for a loan in the bank. However, lenders offering bad credit loans guaranteed approval with minimal interest rates have attracted people away from bank loans towards net based loans. Compared to bank loans, internet loans are easier and quicker to apply for and you can be sure of it that it will avail.

The application process overall takes much less time to be completed than that of applying at a branch. Not only making them more convenient for the average joe but especially aiding the disabled, the elderly and even those that cannot afford to miss a day at work. Even though online bank loans require most of the steps to be undergone while online just like other loans do, a bank visit is absolutely necessary at least once in order to avail an online bank loan. Therefore, installment loans for bad credit guaranteed are relatively convenient in comparison.

An applicant can very easily compare rates with other banks and other options available. The fact that the approval decisions arrive in minutes, not days or weeks, adds to the convenience. Moreover, the amount once lent is directly transferred to the applicants’ bank account. It’s mandatory too, however, make it clear that spotting good and bad lenders online will be crucial to having a good experience.

The chances of an officially registered bank being fraudulent are extremely minimal. There’s more transparency in getting long term loans for bad credit immediately the old school way but more creative ways to get it online. Our aim is to show a realistic picture of what online banking is like thus aiding our readers in making an informed choice, which is why up next we’ll be looking closely at not only pros but also cons of applying for loans online. Exact pros and cons will vary, for sure. Every applicant’s experience will be different.

But there are general benefits and losses that applying for loans online has.


1. The complete procedure of application is easily executed through access devices such as your phone or computer. Steps starting at pre-qualification and ending at signing, everything can be done online. Banks offer this too, but as mentioned above, when borrowing from banks, you need to visit the branch at least once to get the process done.

2. One of the most game-changing benefits that online borrowing and lending has is that applicants can pre-qualify and get an estimate on rates without having to agree to a loan (as you would have to do when applying for a loan from a bank) this leads to the next Pro of online borrowing, that is…

3. The availability of pre-qualification in minutes makes the process considerably easier and simpler because it allows you to compare rates offered on different websites from different online lenders and from different banks.

4. As it would be when borrowing from a bank, low credit score is not a problem when borrowing online as online lenders take into consideration other factors like education, occupation, Bank transactions (spending habits) thereby increasing the number of criterion there are to qualify an applicant for the loan and thus the chances of getting a loan are increased.

5. Also, the option to consolidate debt is available. With ease and comfort in mind consolidating debt can be very useful in the long run. This is done by taking one loan in order to pay off other smaller loans.
The issue with many smaller loans is that usually their cumulative interest rate stack up and become very high. And in order to curtail this issue we can consolidate our debt, so the overall interest rate is drastically reduced. On top of it, you would have the leisure of catering only one debt instead of multiple ones. Through online loans one of the biggest advantages is to utilize the multitude of online lenders to consolidate your debt, making it less of a hassle and more organized for you to handle.

6. Applying for loans online helps with your Budget Planning out finances has become more and more common to be able to manage anticipated expenses.

However, unexpected emergency expenses (like a sudden medical expense, perhaps) can mess up the plans of the best and most experienced financial planners. In such cases, applying for an online loan can help cover any immediate shortfall. Considering online loans as an option can prove to be extremely beneficial. In certain situations where an immediate non-recurring need for money is felt, online loans are a preferred alternative over credit cards especially because of the double-digit interest rate applied over credit card transactions.

Small loans online, however, can be very expensive too, as shall be discussed later. Let’s move on to the cons now.


1. Although borrowing online is cheaper than most other alternatives. Credit unions beat this by providing even cheaper loans.

2. Although the application process is adequately easy most of the time, certain loans have a more structured application process in comparison to unsecured personal loans (which is highly easy) since other loans are given based on income and credit history (not convenient for everyone)

3.In case of online loans, the rates often skyrocket above those of alternatives if a certain base amount is not met. There is a certain amount (average being two thousand dollars) that you need to borrow to make online borrowing cost efficient. Small loans are not best suited to be borrowed online. A better option (if the loan is not urgently needed) could be credit unions.

4. And then, of course, the horrid chance of becoming a victim to predators exists. The difference between authentic lenders and predatory lenders may not always be clear.

But here are a few hints that can give away the difference. A reputable lender checks the applicant’s credit and ability to repay the loan. Annual rates amount up to 36%. Predators, however, don’t look at credit which may seem like a plus but it won’t when you see interest rates amount up to 700%. According to Liz Weston, NerdWallet personal finance columnist; people need to be careful when giving out their financial information as scams are easy to set up while the criminals find exodus just as quickly. Even if it is not a sham, legitimate lenders may also set up terms that are unacceptable.

Here’s more you could use to identify and then avoid predatory lenders online

1. It is absolutely essential that you make sure the site that you are putting your personal information onto is absolutely secure. One of the ways to find that out is to check if the URL has “https” written in or “https” because the former is a sign that the website is authentic the latter the opposite. Certain websites have a lock sign imbued into the URL, validating the website.

others have badges or Icons displaying security information. Look for these signs in order to avoid a distasteful, experience.

2. A lender not just checking your credit history but other factors too is a good, desirable thing but a lender not looking at your credit history at all is a red flag.

3. You are not liable to purchase add-on products such as credit insurance as all such cost inflicting purchases must be mentioned in the APR according to Lauren Saunders of the National Consumer Law Center, a nonprofit advocacy organization. Look out for that and If that happens, now that’s a red flag. Also, beware of any hidden fees.

4. Be wary of lenders who restrict payment options to electronic means only as access to your bank account should remain exclusive.

5. Profiling of the lender is crucial by researching online for possible scam listings or complaints. Choosing from the wide variety of authentic online lending companies can be just as hard as finding authentic lenders. It is absolutely imperative that the yearly percentage rate, amount of loan being offered and the conditions of the loan are kept in consideration.

Here are our favourite lenders, with our ratings: LendInstantly not only has no origination fees requirements, it allows you to check the rate without impacting your credit score. Discover also provides real times information with online loan experts to help with queries. Keeping debt consolidation and good credit in mind, Discover deserves a maximum rating. Marcus Marcus, owned by Goldman Sachs, provides personalised options tailored to suit customer needs as well as no fee personal loans. Rates start as low as 6.99% APR and range to 24.99% APR. Allowed amount to borrow ranges from $3500 to $40000 payable by three to six years.

To Marcus, we award a ten on ten as well and is recognised for good credit. SoFi SoFi is a modern finance company that lends amounts ranging from five thousand dollars to hundred thousand dollars and funds within a week! (It gets better) they don’t charge any origination fee, late fee or overdraft fee, which makes it one of our favourites and from amongst our top rated companies, SoFi gets ten on ten as it is best for good credit.

Freedom Plus Freedom plus is the lender that has a more personalized touch when you apply a company representative calls you for around fifteen to twenty minutes to explore your options, in order to make this journey even better for you. Loaned amounts range from ten thousand dollars to thirty-five thousand dollars. Annual percentage rate ranges from 4. 99 to % 29. 99% and the schedule which is given to pay back is 2 to 5 years. For these reasons, Freedom Plus scores a nine on ten on our charts. Its speciality is that it is good for good credit and debt consolidation.

Lending Club: Lending Club has transformed,the banking system with its peer to peer lending policy within the company. With loans lent ranging from a thousand dollars to forty thousand dollars. Annual percentage rate is 6.16% to 35.89%. According to a survey published on the website, consumers of Lending club not only consolidate debt but also pay off high-interest credit cards while the interest rate on their loan was an average of 25% lower than they were paying on their outstanding debt or credit cards” And we second that Nine on ten, Specialty of this company is good credit.

Avant Established in 2012, home to four hundred and sixty-eight employees and three hundred and fifty thousand customers. Avant is an establishment that gives loans to people with bad credit, minimum credit score being five hundred and eighty. Annual percentage rate ranged from 9.95%-35.99% and is one of our favourites for customers who need a loan but have bad credit. An Eight on Ten. Lending Point Like Avant, learning point is good for bad credit. It is a US based, financial services that were started in the year 2014. It is meant for personal instalment loans and leading point merchant solutions.

The annual percentage rate ranges from 15. 49 per cent to 34. 99 per cent. loans range from $2, 000 to $25, 000 and the loan term range from 2 years to 4 years. Which puts it on our list of favourites. Eight on ten. All in all, when borrowing online, if careful and cautious of where the loan is taken from, it can reap many more benefits than loans from banks can. Online loans are especially suited to situations where money is needed fast (quick application and receiving of money), conveniently (in your bank account) and to people with poor credit history who need easy loans no credit check.

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