Learn Appendix Symptoms and Their Side Effects

There are many types of pain we observe in our abdomen but we have to remain careful for our appendix pain as it is very critical and serious matter if it ever happens to anyone it may take your life. So, get to know what side is your appendix on so that you could recognize the pain and get yourself treated immediately.

what side is your appendix on

Discover your appendicitis:

It is a small tube-like structure present in your abdomen on the right side and has no function. Yet it has function to digest glucose etc in animals. However, it is a useless tube which sometimes gets blocked due to the fecal matter and undigested material hence, the material turns to poisonous and if comes out and run into the stream of blood it can cause death thus, here learning of what side is your appendix on will be a beneficial thing for you forever.

Dangers of appendix – Let’s share your knowledge with your friends:

When you know something it is your duty to raise awareness among all to get them acknowledge the harms of a specific thing. Its pain must be recognized by everyone. If you will share your knowledge it will be count in your good things. You must remember that helping others is a good thing. So let’s discover the symptoms of appendix to tell people exactly how they will feel if, God forbidden they got the appendicitis pain.

Symptoms of appendix:

  • A light pain is started in the middle of your belly and it will be constant, sometimes it may increase or decrease as well, but with the passage of time it will go below right side in your belly and will become severe. The patient will not be able to eat even he will not feel comfortable with lying.
  • Hence knowing more symptoms and proper knowledge of what side is your appendix on is essential to get the things managed on the right time.
  • Nausea is one of the symptoms of this problem. If you are constantly feeling pain and now you have started noticing nausea in your bodily conditions then, it is clear that the pain is of the appendix.
  • Vomiting is another sign of appendix. If the patient has a vomit and has pain also then, you should at once leave for the doctor. It might be checked by hands when you will place your hand on the right lower side you will feel swelling there and thus pain on even placing the hand.
  • Sometimes, people mix their appendix pain with the pain of gas. Always remember that gas occurs when you have constipation. The gas pain is always rotating it is not still in one place.

Other major symptoms of appendicitis:

When anything in your body is going on the wrong way it will show its sign in the shape of fever. So, if you and your child or anyone is facing loose motion, fever and sharp pain it is advisable to get a check by the doctor once. That is why we and many doctors refused to take self-medication because you never know that which kind of your fever is.

So, now you have got all the info about what side is your appendix on and I believe that now you can check the pain of appendix.

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