Leading OKC Dentist Recommends Veneers for Dazzling Smile

Dr. Damon R. Johnson, DDS, an OKC dentist with a private family and cosmetic dental practice, offers veneers for patients seeking a sparkling smile.

OKC dentist Dr. Damon R Johnson, DDS, explains that dental veneers are essentially thin, bone-colored shells that fit over existing teeth for a flawless look and feel. They have a translucent quality that lends to their natural look. The OKC dentist explains that veneers are available in an extensive range of shades for a smile that’s truly customized.

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Dental veneers are applied in Dr. Johnson’s OKC dentist office in a series of three visits. In the initial visit, the OKC dentist discusses treatment options and determines if dental veneers are an appropriate solution. The second visit consists of prepping the outer coating of the teeth by removing a micro thin layer of enamel. Dr. Johnson explains this step may require a local anesthetic. During the final visit, the OKC dentist attaches the veneer(s) with a specially-formulated adhesive material.

According to Dr. Johnson, veneers are counted as one of the top five most expensive cosmetic dental procedures. For this reason, it is important to understand the pros and cons of using veneers to achieve a perfect smile, says the OKC dentist.

Veneers offer a number of advantages over dental bonding. Notably, they are sculpted to cover each individual tooth and are visually no different from natural teeth. Dr. Johnson advises his Edmond dentist office patients that porcelain veneers are stain resistant, making them a viable solution for smokers and heavy coffee drinkers.

OKC dentist Dr. Damon R. Johnson, DDS reports that veneers are an exceptional alternative to crowns when covering overall healthy teeth. They are, however, not without their disadvantages. Dr. Johnson reports that because of the intense work required to properly sculpt and place veneers, they can cost up to $2500 each. They are not covered by most insurance providers.

Veneers may leave teeth more sensitive than normal since a layer of the protective enamel is sanded off. The OKC dentist warns that process is irreversible. He says that despite their virtually unrivaled aesthetic, veneers are not for everyone. With proper care, however, veneers can last a decade or more without concerns of discoloration.

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