Launch online search engine drugs and their prices

With the support of the College of Pharmacists and Biochemists Chemists in Chile and the Association of Independent Pharmacy it was launched one online platform for searching for drugs by trade name or active ingredient and know its reference value in pharmacies.

“Seeking the active ingredient can be found cheaper drugs available, allowing you to compare prices and replace one another cheaper brand that contains the same components,” explains the portal.


According to its creators, the site can “find a drug as defendant at this time as chlorpheniramine and it appears that the generic costs on average only 10% (490 pesos) the most economical brand (Clorprimeton laboratory MSD, whose value amounts to 4,990 on average). ”

The search engine also includes a list of bioequivalent drugs and a map with all pharmacies on duty in the country., useful application to compare drug prices

The idea always causes us sick disgust. The disease comes before we can have plans for the weekend and often forces us to encamarnos to reponernos. But in recent years the sick has had another significant impact on our lives: economic impact.

Our pocket receives a blow when we begin to add up the cost of the doctor visit , deductibles, payment sonogram test or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), if necessary, and last but not least, cure or remedy, drugs. In the anguish of not being able to afford medicines there are people who ask the doctor to prescribe the least expensive, but it is critical to stress that the doctor is the expert who knows what is best for our health. The reality is that when we arrived at the pharmacy, took the doctor referred the recipe and pump! Another blow, the cost of the drug.


Fortunately, a company that provides consumers with information that can help reduce spending on prescription drugs launched in recent days, the first application to compare drug prices of prescription drugs called, developed specifically for the Hispanic community.


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This tool becomes more important when we note that the US Department that 1 in 4 people without health insurance is America. The positive thing is that help save consumers money both uninsured and those who have health insurance.

Reportedly, based on easy to use mobile technology, the application presents prices of prescription drugs at local pharmacies in a transparent manner for Spanish-speaking consumers.

“Prices of prescription drugs vary and many people end up paying over the odds or stop buying their drugs simply because of the lack of price transparency. This can become an even greater problem if a language barrier is also present, “said Brad Bangerter, CEO of

It conceive specifically for the 55 million Hispanics in the US, so that they can compare prices at local pharmacies and get the best discounts available by using an application in their native language,” he added. uses the popular application platform for smart phone LowestMed to enhance their search data.

Health and Wellness Discounts:  Savings of up to 30% on a healthier lifestyle.

With only enter the name of a drug, users can see immediately discount prescription drug prices at nearby pharmacies. So they can occur at the pharmacy with a digital discount card on the screen of your smartphone to get your drugs at a reduced price.

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