Laser Hair Removal Pros And Cons

Laser hair removal in a North York spa has been an available option for a while now but not many people are fully aware of the pros and cons. Hair removal takes time whether you choose to wax, shave, or us depilatories or electrolysis. It also may be expensive and even painful. So is laser hair removal your best option?

How exactly does the laser hair removal process even work?

Although there are several laser hair removal devices out there, the basic technology they use is the same. They all deliver heat using laser energy to areas of hair you want removed, penetrating every hair strand all the way to the root while damaging the follicles. The damaged follicle is prevented from creating new hair because of this.

laser hair removal

Electrolysis is a process that removes hair using electric currents straight to the follicle using a fine needle which destroys the roots. It needs needle probes in this process to be inserted within each hair follicle that you want removed. This can take time and feel uncomfortable. Electrolysis happens to be FDA approved for “permanent hair removal”. Laser hair removal, in comparison, is considered as “permanent hair reduction” rather than removal. However, laser hair removal treats bigger areas at once, making each session shorter and more comfortable. Because it’s considered hair reduction, electrolysis has more chance of stopping hair regrowth.

Laser Hair Removal Pros:

Versus electrolysis, laser hair removal is faster. Much faster, in fact, because of the size of the hair area it can treat at once. This is the biggest laser treatment advantage because it’s convenient as opposed to the long process of electrolysis.

Proper use of laser hair removal devices is considered completely safe.

Laser hair removal is considered to be less painful and therefore more comfortable than other hair removal techniques, specifically electrolysis.

The technique of laser hair removal works. The results are typically long-lasting hair reduction and the results may even be permanent.

Removing back hair or leg hair is especially quicker with laser hair removal rather than electrolysis.

Laser Hair Removal Cons?

The FDA approved laser hair removal treatments are only approved as “permanent hair reduction”, instead of “permanent hair removal”. Basically, you can expect regrowth after a session. Most people should not experience complete permanent hair removal although hair reduction should be noticeable long afterwards. Of course a few people may find varied results.

Side effects may include but are not limited to itchiness or swelling, which should go away after a few days, or rare but serious side effects such as skin discoloration, burning, infections or blistering.

Because melanin, which is the pigment that gives your hair and skin its color, is targetted by the laser used in laser hair removal treatments, those who have dark hair, which means people with more melanin, will experience more success rates than people with lighter hair and fairer skin.

6 – 8 sessions are typically required for laser hair removal of any certain area. While the process is fast, the size of the hairy areas will vary how long a session’s time.

Laser hair removal treatments might not be cheap.

Weighing The Options:

Using laser hair removal definitely gives longer lasting results compared to techniques such as shaving or waxing. It is typically the less painful and quickest way to reduce your hairy areas when compared to electrolysis. Although, electrolysis is the permanent hair removal solution as opposed to laser hair removal which typically results in hair regrowth over time.

If you have any questions, speak with a well-knowledgable aesthetic medical provider to make sure you really know the pros and cons, the results to expect and the side effects that could occur. Better safe than sorry.

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