Kusadasi, A Heaven of A Vacation

With this humble article of ours, we would like to introduce you one of the greatest places in Aegean Area of Turkey, provide you with general information about it and give some tips that may ease your holiday if you wish to go there. Harbour town of Aegan Coast: Kusadasi.

First of all, Kusadasi is located within the borders of Aydın region. According to the statistics, while its population is only around 101.000 on winter, that number reaches 1 million when the weather starts to get better, skies get clearer and summer takes winter’s place every year. Because of its numerous features, Kusadasi attracts a great deal of attention every year by both local and foreign tourists.

As you probably already know, Aegean coast may be the best place to spend your entire holiday in Turkey. Also we know that one summer won’t be enough! Not only because Aegan area contains lots of independent coastal areas that are really worth seeing, but also because all of those areas have so many things to offer. Kusadasi is not an exception in this regard. Let us make ourselves a bit more clear: For instance, when you plan to come to Kusadasi and spend a week here, the first thing you would do is probably going online and type “things to do in Kusadasi” into the search bar. Well, if our prediction is right, then we must say that, you will be amazed when you see all those things to do in here and all those places that are worth to visit and all very close to the centre of Kusadasi.

On the other hand, we unfortunately do know that one of the most frequently encountered problems of tourists (regardless of being foreigner or local) is the transportation issue. We feel that it’s our duty to inform you in this regard and give you some useful tips.

Once you are here, please take our advice and try to travel as much as you can between the unique places around! The first places come up into our minds are: Ephesus, where the home of Mary is located, Pigeon Island, Ladies Beach, Priene and such… Those are only approximately 30 minutes from the centre of Kusadasi by car. We don’t recommend you to use the public transportation especially because of the hot weather which can be unbearable sometimes and even risky for your health. Renting a car in Kusadasi is the best solution in our opinion if you wish to see those places nearby. Not only having affordable prices, but also the easy procedure you need to go through is the main reasons of why most of the tourists choose renting a car in Kusadasi.

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