Knowing When It’s the Right Time to Replace your Oakville Windows

When the time comes to replace windows, many mothers put the task off for as long as possible because of the potential expense involved. However, this approach often results in them having to replace all of their home’s windows in one fell swoop. Below are a few ways to determine when it’s time to purchase new Oakville windows for your home.

They Become Difficult to Use and See Out of

These are some of the most obvious signs that your windows need replacement. If you struggle to open or close your windows, or you can see visible condensation or mold forming between the panes, it means that your existing windows are beyond being able to be repaired. In cases where mold and condensation have formed between panes, chances are that there will be water damage to the frames themselves as well.

They are Single Paned Units

If you own a home that was built in the 70s or earlier and its Oakville windows have never been replaced, there is a strong possibility of these being single paned units. These days, home windows are normally manufactured as double or even triple pane units, which not only enables them to provide a far higher level of insulation against cold and drafts; in most cases these windows are safer than single panes because they are far more resistant to cracking and breaking. After installing double or triple paned windows, you will notice an immediate difference in the comfort level inside your home.

They are Visibly Damaged

Another sign that it is time to replace windows is when the existing units are showing signs of visible damage. This can include cracks or breaks in the panes or frames, rotting wooden frames and termite damage. If you stand close to your windows and feel drafts coming in, it is an indication that they are no longer fitting in the frames correctly either. Other signs of damage to look for include water damage on and around frames and large chips in the panes.

Energy Bills Have Increased

If your energy bills are steadily increasing without any viable explanation, your existing windows could be to blame. As they get older, windows become less able to provide decent insulation against heat and cold, resulting in you having to crank up the heat or air conditioning to higher levels than ever before. When installing energy-star rated windows in Mississauga, you could notice a drop of as much as 20% in your monthly energy bills.

Outside Noise is More Prevalent

If you are hearing more outside noise than usual, it means that your windows are no longer providing the level of acoustic insulation they did when they were first installed. Replacing them with double or triple paned windows will make a significant difference in this regard, especially if you have light sleepers in your house or family members who are sensitive to outside noise.

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