Kiosks – What, Where and Why


This is an age of information kiosks. An age of speed, an age where knowledge needs to be had on one’s fingertips. In order to achieve all these goals an essential element is to computerize these mundane and repetitive tasks. This increases the accuracy as well.

The advent of electronic kiosks

Earlier, in order to withdraw cash, a person would need to go to the bank, fill a form, stand in a line and await his or her turn. Once they reached the teller, the teller would then count and recount the cash that was withdrawn, fill in the details in the form and only then would the person have the money in his or her hand. Now, thanks to ATMs all the person does is enter the ATM, swipe the debit card, put in a 4 digit pin and type in the amount of money required. The money is immediately disbursed. Meet Olea kiosk designers to get the best deal.

Similarly, if one needed directions, one would ask fellow shoppers or shopkeepers. Now, thanks to electronic kiosks at the malls, one can get directions as well as a number of additional details required.

The progression

The origin of kiosks was in Turkey. It means outdoor pavilion or a portico. However, the electronic kiosks of today are much more than that. They include touch screens, sound, motion and videos. There are multimedia kiosks as well. Kiosks have percolated every sphere of our life. Everything from refrigerators to advertising is done through kiosks. Movie posters, movie show details are all displayed. One can update their passenger information, frequent flyer details as well as print out their boarding passes using electronic kiosks.

There are different types of kiosks based on their size as well as design. Some of the types of kiosks are Benchmark, caddie, thinman, fairway, stealth, portal, edge and edge HD, contour, digital signage, tablet kiosk, outdoor kiosk, arch and wedge.

 In order to create a kiosks one can even use normal HTML pages and graphics. However, what is necessary is to ensure that the typeface and font is readable and large enough for people to read. The web browser tool should also be removed to limit the access what the person has. A kiosk has unlimited possibilities and use. It serves the public and it could also be commercial in nature. Based on the usage, there are various types of input devices which can be used for kiosks like touchscreens, trackballs, pushbuttons and keyboards.

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