What Kind of Animals Can I See on an Africa Safari?

One of the highlights of any exotic vacation is the animal species one gets to experience. This might be the one reason you have chosen the destination your planning to visit. You may be imagining an afternoon laying out in the sun, watching zebras, lions, and other wild animals meander through the brush around you. You might be envisioning a zebra striped tour bus out in boonies, miles from civilization, trying to get out of the way of stampeding rhinos. No matter what you are picturing happening on your Africa Safari, having a good footing in reality can help to ensure you don’t end up disappointed.

Though Africa is a very diverse set of countries and unique environments there are some animals that are common draws for tourists.

  • Lions are very likely on the top of your must see list, though you may have a hard time getting a glimpse of one doing anything other than resting. Since they are not solitary creatures, if you find one, you will see many.  There are many sanctuaries where it is more likely you will get a chance to see these royal creatures. You may find that other cats that are not fond of groups such as cheetahs and leopards are far less likely to get captured by your camera lense.
  • Elephants: There are 37 countries where you might find one of these wonderful and huge creatures. They also love to sped time in groups and wander through many different types of African terrain. If you are anywhere near an elephant it will be hard to miss this hulking giant of the animal kingdom. Though they are cute and look slow, don’t underestimate the danger an elephant presents, as they are neither slow nor harmless.
  • Giraffe: These tall guys are easy to see, and very quiet, peaceful animals, unless it’s mating season then you might see males locked in violent scuffles over the opportunity to mate with the local females.
  • Rhinos: There are two different types of rhino you might find in Africa. Some are black and some are white. Rhinos are very protected species in Africa since they have been so severely hunted for their horns. These animals can be dangerous as they are prone to charging when startled or threatened.
  • Gorillas: You are far less likely to get the chance to see Gorillas as these are only present in a small area of East Africa and the population has dwindled to a mere 720 animals. This is a species that desperately needs our help if it is going to survive.
  • Hippopotamus: These animals are very common and easy to see of your Africa Safaris. They are fast and feisty and the most underestimated of Africa’s animals. These cute and chubby creatures can run approximately 20 miles per hour and are considered the most dangerous animals on the continent.

This is just a sampling of the animal life you can see on your Africa Safari, so be sure to bring a great camera and a knowledgeable guide so you don’t get into trouble.

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