Keeping your Business Current Throughout Time

It is quite obvious now there are many changes, which take place within a certain industry and the overall market that companies have to adapt to.

Since there has been a string of companies who have exhibited unethical or even illegal activities, the government came up with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act to ensure companies engage in more ethical behaviors. There are people who are doubtful of this act taking hold in the long run. Although it has been found that the most important determinant of ethical behavior in a company is when there is consistent ethical behavior and leaders are also committed to it as well.  GWC USA Inc. has the organizational culture of being transparent and ethical to their customers.


Employees play a big role in your company and they need to show passion and determination. This has to be in-line with that of the company they work for. These employees are enthused and ready by using their aptitudes and efforts to make a change in their employer’s mission for sustainable success. A large amount of employees according to Gallup shows that about 3 out of 4 employees are disengaged in the workplace. GWC USA Inc. knows the difference engaged employees have on their company: customers will become more loyal, turnover will decrease and profits will jump.

Technology is obviously another game changer companies have to keep looking out for in order to stay competitive. In the last 30 years, the biggest changes where the increasing power of the personal computer, the Internet and nanotechnology. The rate to which this change is progressing is not expected to slow down anytime soon. Just imagine the amount of email being sent daily worldwide. In 2008, this figure was at 60 billion making the second most popular means of communication right under voice calls.

There are more and more companies now who are focusing on sustainability and the environment. The goal for-profit companies are to have enough profits to pay their shareholders. Since companies are utilizing the resources of the planet, especially those who are selling goods, they should be more mindful of where their waste ends up and how to give back to the earth.

The workforce in North America is aging. This means in the next 30 years, 76 million people will retire but there will only be 46 million new workers from the new generations entering the labor force. This can pose great opportunities for some industries like health care but pose as challenges for some other ones like truck drivers. GWC USA Inc. has noticed this trend for the past decade and has planned for this change. They plan to gradually hire employees to work with soon to retire workers to learn from each other.

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