Just Moved In? Simple Steps for Transforming your House into a Home

So, you’ve just picked up the keys to your new house and you can’t wait to transform it into your home. But where do you start? You’d be very lucky if you arrived in your new house with everything exactly how you want it to be. The chances are you will want to make lots of changes but this can often be a daunting prospect when you’ve just gone through all the stress of moving. Here are some simple steps to help you along the way:


Furniture – Often when we move house we simply want a larger version of what we already had in our previous property. If this is the case then you will probably find yourself either needing more furniture or you may want to update some of your more outdated items. For me, getting my bedroom just right is normally my first priority so that I know I’ll sleep comfortably at the end of the day. Make your bed a feature in your room. For inspiration and styles visit the Divan Beds Centre. Once you have established the main feature piece you can build the rest of the space around it. You may need to order furniture in advance as some items can take longer to deliver than you might expect and you don’t want to be left in limbo for weeks while you wait to finish your look.

Clean from top to bottom – Cleaning is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to make a house begin to feel like a home. When you go into any house for the first time you’ll get a sense of how the previous owners have left things. You’ll want to wipe clean any mess and eliminate things such as pet odours to make the home truly yours.. Check out the tips at Cleanipedia.com for some simple household hacks.

Lick of paint – Once you have cleaned your new house, it time to give it all a fresh feel with a quick coat of paint. Often when you buy a property you may find that the previous owner’s taste in colours may not match your own vision for the space. Take your time to decorate the room before you fill it up with all your belongings. This may be your only chance to decorate without any furniture in the room and it’ll be a lot easier as a result.

Unpack all your belongings – It is very easy to leave boxes and boxes of your belongings packed up tidily, especially if you have a big new attic or garage space. If you go for this option you could be missing out on all the precious memories and items that you’ve collected over the years. If you are well prepared you’ll have labelled your boxes clearly so you know which room they need to go into. A good place to start is your kitchen as many of the items that you have packed are sure to be essential items for cooking and eating. After you’ve sorted the kitchen then you can gradually work your way through each room in the house one at a time. Once you start seeing your personal possessions – photos, trinkets etc – in the rooms, they’ll feel like yours.

If you are lucky to have some friends or family to help then you may be able to tackle the whole property at once. Otherwise, take your time. You may choose to go room by room selecting furniture, cleaning, painting and unpacking – but make your home individual to you and have fun experimenting with different styles and designs.

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