Joseph Bismark’s Harmonization of Spirituality and Business

Joseph Bismark has his own advice about entrepreneurial success. Though there are different conclusions about how people gain entrepreneurial skills. Some studies state that entrepreneurial qualities are inherited, while other studies say they are acquired. Many experts have disagreements on what really drives people to become successful entrepreneurs. But for Joseph Bismark, a harmony of spirituality and business is the essential key to success.

Who is Joseph Bismark?


Joseph Bismark co-founded the QI Group of Companies in 1998 and has been its Group Managing Director since December 2008. He is also a cofounder of RYTHM foundation, which is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of the Group.

He has managed to bring success to the company with his intelligent harmonization of spirituality and business. He spent his childhood in a monastic ashram in the Philippines. The spiritual principles he learned during his stay in the ashram have inspired him greatly, and he incorporates these principles into his business management style. He ensures that in everything he does, spiritual wellness is always a priority.

“Joseph Bismark was instrumental in establishing a solid foundation for the exponential growth of QI Limited. Bismark is a talented, dynamic and versatile leader. His open and consultative management style is anchored around the tenets of his vedic philosophies, which were shaped through a rather unique upbringing.”

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He believes that there are 3 Rules for Success – Accepting Oneself, Conquering Fear and Doubt, and Having Perseverance. He firmly adheres to the idea that everyone is capable of excelling and the growth of other people is his main concern. Thus, he gives plenty of importance and respect to his employees. Throughout the years, Bismark has maintained his sense of humility, which makes him a truly remarkable inspiration for many.

Joseph Bismark sees to it that he finds time to have an active and a fulfilling day. To keep his mind and body as sharp and focused as possible, he manages his time well to ensure that he remains at the top of his business and personal life. He believes that the essence of indulging oneself is engaging in physical and mental activities that will make his body fit and help him conquer self-doubts and fears.  He utilizes technology, such as puzzle-style apps, to help him improve his mental abilities and maintain a sharp mind, because he believes that both mind and body should be at their best all the time.

Joseph Bismark on Spirituality and Business


Bismark has significantly proven that spirituality and business are a harmonious combination.  This is not a common thing for most entrepreneurs. The spiritual learning that he got from the ashram in which he was brought up was a major influence that still guides him in taking his company to greater heights. Joseph believes that the fusion of business and spirituality will generate a number of achievements.  Being a strong believer in the Supreme Being, he treats his employees equally and treats them as brothers and sisters. This intelligent business approach has made him a successful entreprenuer.


“There are just some of the ideas that Mr. Bismark tries to impress upon his audience. The people you employ are people, not just money-making machines. Mr. Bismark shares his knowledge in an easy-to-understand manner on both sides. He does this in a comforting and sensible way.”

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Bismark lives by the idea that growth in the corporation requires a driving force. This can be achieved if everyone strives to gain confidence and conquer fear and self-doubt. Joseph Bismark’s richness in wisdom, his strong pursuit for growth and his perseverance make him a force to reckon with.

He always states in his writings that we are not our physical bodies, we are spirit-souls. He says that true happiness lies in the understanding of our real identity as spirit souls.

He generously shares his knowledge on inner peace and spirituality through his writings, his speeches and his social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. His belief that success is not solely reliant on materialism has led others towards his approach. He shows that anyone can attain success without meddling in other people’s lives.

“Besides his successful career as a businessman, Joseph Bismark is a thriving spiritual adviser to a wide range of people inside and outside of his workplace. Bismark maintains a personal blog entitled “Gems of Wisdom…with Joseph Bismark”. Each post is an inspirational reflection on life, containing prudent advice on how to cultivate a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. He also updates his Twitter under the username “@TheDailyGem” with regular posts concerning the health of the spiritual self as well as the physical self.”

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Joseph Bismark continues to enlighten others on how to view success. He inspires a lot of individuals that definitely would like to follow his steps of bringing spirituality  into achieving business success.

Below is a video of Joseph Bismark sharing his thoughts about his spiritual master and explaining how he got his Sanskrit name.


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