Joseph Bismark and the Qualities of a Good Leader in Business


 “Be a solution provider, not a problem analyst.”-Joseph Bismark

Mr. Joseph Bismark, a Cofounder of QI Group of Companies, has been its Managing Director since 2008. He is known as a talented, dynamic and a versatile leader and is admired by the people of the QI Group. They look at Joseph Bismark as “the conscience behind all of the great decisions”.

Joseph Bismark

                                              Joseph Bismark


According to Joseph Bismark, he was often asked by people – “What does it take to become a leader?” He answered this confidently and said that he believes that everyone has the potential to become a leader and it’s all about taking responsibility.

What Are the Qualities That Make a Good Leader in Business?

The following are the traits or qualities that a person must possess to become a good leader in business.

  • Vision

“The first rule of leadership is to know where you’re heading, and ensure that is the right path. The right path would be the path of goodness, morality, kindness and compassion. A good leader would not lead people to danger.”-Joseph Bismark

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Based on Bismark’s statement above, it is important for a leader to have a vision and to set the goals he wants to achieve. Knowing your short term and long term goals is very essential in setting the direction of your business.  It will be your baseline for how you will operate your business in the long run.

  • Courage

A leader must be brave enough to take all the challenges in the business world. A leader is considered as the “man-in-charge” in all management aspects. He must be ready to take responsibility at all times and also encourage his people to do the same. The competition in business is tough and there might be some detractors on the products or services which you offer that will come along the way. A leader must be brave enough to face them and learn how to handle such situations.

  • Focus

Leaders always focus on the operations and needs of the company. They focus on how to further improve their products and services to meet the demands of their customers. Leaders must concentrate on the things that may contribute to the strength and sustainability of the business.

  • Cooperation

The ability of a leader to manage the employees and encourage them to work hard together is very important for the success of the business. Cooperation between your employees and the management will surely bring smooth functioning that will lead to achieving positive results for your company.

  • Sincerity and Integrity

Sincerity and integrity are interrelated and should show in your personality as a leader.  A leader must be sincere in his words and actions by showing that you are honest and true in the things that you do. Employees love a leader who speaks from his heart, has compassion and knows how to reach out for their welfare.

  • Humility

A great leader must have a sense of humility. He must also know how to value and give complements to the hard work or efforts of the people surrounding him. A good leader also knows how to admit his mistakes. This shows that you are very responsible in all your actions and willing to learn more, to become the best leader that you could ever be.

Joseph Bismark’s Quality of Leadership

Leaders have their own style of leadership. What makes Joseph Bismark to stand-out?

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of Bismark’s leadership is his adherence to merging the concept of spirituality with the business leadership structure. The management that Bismark has often and always advocated for has always been anchored upon the tenets of honesty and virtues that are admirable and encouraged in society. These virtues were inculcated in him from a very young age throughout his upbringing. Further to this, he has been known to be an advocate of living that is healthy in a staunch manner. As the Managing Director of the QI group, this has been exhibited through his support for the venture into organic foods. This has been made with the influencing factor that the wellness of the employees is an essential feature for moving the company forward. This has not only served to be a deep point of motivation for all the stakeholders of the organization but has also heightened the praise that is directed towards the leadership model and approach that has been introduced by Bismark. However, it is worth noting that even in light of the praise and adoration that he continuously receives, he has kept a sense of humility which further sets him apart from the rest.

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Humble beginnings and following the virtue of being positive led Joseph Bismark towards his great leadership. He is indeed a good example of a business leader who has a heart for his people and knows how to reach out to mankind and society.

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