Jonathan Bunge Chicago on the Key Qualities of a Good Law Firm

How do you know that your lawyer is a good one and that they will actually represent you properly? According to Jonathan Bunge Chicago, this is all down to doing your research. It is easy to find a law firm in Chicago. But finding one that is actually good is down to a number of key factors. Let’s take a look at what those factors are.

Jonathan Bunge Chicago on Finding a Good Lawyer

The best way to find a good lawyer is to speak to people you trust and ask for their recommendations. However, legal matters are often things that you would rather keep quiet. You don’t want people to think that you consider yourself above the law, nor would you want them to know if you have been breaking the law. Not just that, the content of legal matters is confidential for a good reason: other people have no business knowing what is going on with you.

With friends and family therefore more than likely out of the picture, your next best option is to use the internet. By going online, you can easily find a full list of every law firm that Chicago has to offer. In fact, searching for “Chicago law firm” will reveal 4,820,000 results. So how do you filter that down to something more manageable?

  1. Check Avvo. The first thing you should do is make sure that you only deal with lawyers that have the appropriate registrations, meaning they are listed with the bar, and who have a solid reputation. Avvo is a very good source for that. In fact, it is like asking people you trust for their opinion, because the site also lists reviews left about the services received.
  2. Filter by specialization. You should now already have a far more manageable list, but you need to filter it down even more. It is important to find a law firm that specializes in the specific area of law that you need help with. That could be anything from personal injury to grandparents’ rights, for instance. The law is complicated, so finding someone who specializes in a certain area is always a better idea.
  3. Schedule a consultation. Your list should now be much smaller, which means you are ready to schedule a consultation. You may want to focus on your personal geographical area only, expanding as you go along should you not find someone that you feel is suitable. During consultation, which should be free and no obligation, you get to discuss all the important things. This includes the details of your case and what a lawyer can do for you, but also such issues as fees, who will do the actual work, and, most of all, whether you feel comfortable with them or not.

By following these three key tips, you should be able to find the right lawyer for your particular needs. Do not rush this decision, but make sure you are 100% comfortable with whomever you end up choosing.

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