Celebrate Good Friday2017 by sending Jesus Good Friday Images as Good Friday Messages to remind your loved ones the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ.

Jesus was crucified on this day after being betrayed by Judas and High Priest who was already looking for a way to get rid of Christ, found a way to falsely accuse Him of claiming to be King of Jews. Jesus was than beaten and nailed to a cross, where He was left to die, and on that cross Jesus sacrificed His life for mankind’s sins

Some Christians celebrate it rather than being mournful as this terrible day led to Jesus resurrection 3 days ahead on Easter after he died for mankind’s sins, while others say The name ‘Good Friday’ was given by Roman Church in 6th-7th century, before that it was called ‘Holy’ or ‘Great’ Friday. The ‘Good’ in Good Friday comes from old English when Good meant Holy

Good Friday also known as Black Friday or Holy Friday is the day in Holy Week before Easter, it commemorates Jesus act of sacrifice for mankind’s sins. This day is observed differently according to Christian traditions throughout the world. Christians fast and mourn on this day, processions are held in streets, churches do a three hour sermon and one important tradition is the exchange of Good Friday messages. Christians all around the world observe Good Friday with respect and humility.

Jesus Good Friday Images:

Good Friday is the day when you connect with your friends and family all over the world and remember the sacrifices made by Jesus for our sins. It is day of remembrance; the best way to do so is by sending Good Friday Images of Jesus to remind everyone about our savior.

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