Jack Rochel’s Tips to Networking your Way to Success

Throughout his long and successful career as president and CEO of Epsilon Electronics Inc. Jack Rochel has learned some important strategies business people must do in order to be and remain successful. One of those is the importance of business networking. The earlier you start, the more contacts you will have and there is no telling whom you will meet early in your career versus later on. Some people you meet early on can become valuable contacts in the future.

Jack Rochel

Usually, universities have networking events held for students to mingle with other people in their programs and event events where students can meet professionals in the field of study. This kind of event typically takes place at case competitions. Jack Rochel has known networking can play a large role on where people end up in their careers. He kept in touch with as many peers as possible as well as teachers. But back in the day, it was not as simple to see what they were up to since the Internet was widely used as it is today. When Jack Rochel began working after graduation, he still made the effort of going to conferences across the United States. He met with suppliers and other professionals in his industry to try and create synergy between them. Networking is one of the most powerful marketing tactics for success.

As you might know, especially for people living in the city, we are constantly being fed information as in advertisements, emails, and status updates on social media, etc. Meeting someone firsthand gives you an edge and helps you create a relationship with that person. People like to do business with those they trust and like to identify with.

Jack Rochel has always known the importance of continuously connecting with new people. You never know what a certain relationship with the right contact will take you. Your business contacts, as crucial as they might be, will help you get places you might not be able to on your own. But Jack Rochel believes your social circle is just as important since they can give you the confidence to go after your dreams and help you as much as they can so you can be successful. The people you spend most of your time with will tell you a lot about yourself and the person you will become.

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