Is Vaping The Right Alternative For Cigarette Smoking

If you have been thinking about quitting smoking for a while now, know you’re not alone. A study has shown that every year, seven out of ten people attempt to leave smoking. The injuries that smoking can cause to your body can be so fatal that the product case itself comes with a disclaimer. A problem that seems to be common in all kinds of addicts is the need for substitution. Every addicted person, to leave behind smoking, needs to fill their head and time with something else. A significant number of people have chosen vape as a substitution for their previous addiction to smoking. In the points below, the article will illustrate why vaping might be the correct alternative for cigarette smoking.

How is vaping different from smoking?

Vaping is a process where you have to inhale the vapor that the device creates. On the other hand, in the case of smoking, you have to light up the cigarette and take a puff from the other end. As you inhale, the smoke enters your mouth. Some people chose to swallow the smoke while others let it out. Now, as breathing down, the smoke is more harmful than just taking a puff. However, vaping is a different realm itself; you need just an electronic cigarette if you want to vape. The main component here is the electronic liquid, which is also known as vape juice.

Vaping, in a nutshell

Every vaping kit comes with at least four items- the vaping device, a charger, atomizer, and mouthpiece. There are four kinds of vaping devices: cig-a-likes, vape pens, vape mods, and vape pods. Cig-a-likes are known as first-generation devices. They look exactly like a traditional cigarette. Vape pens are devices that are slightly more advanced than cig-a-likes, but battery backup is a downside. Vape mods and Vape pods are the devices that experienced vape users use. An atomizer is a device that heats the electronic liquid enough to turn it into vapor. Being an electronic device, it needs to be changed regularly, and hence, the kit comes along with one. A mouthpiece is a tool with which a person inhales the vapor. However, it is portable. Therefore, it is recommendable for every user to carry their own for hygienic reasons.

How does vaping affect your physical health?

Nicotine is quite highly addictive, and it provides the user with withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to rehabilitate themselves. It also spikes the high blood pressure and heart rate in one’s body, increasing the chances of getting a heart attack. This is where vaping comes to the rescue as many flavored alternatives do not possess the contents that are otherwise deemed harmful for many people. There are a lot of e-cigarettes moving around in the market which are nicotine-free. These options are perhaps the thing that a smoker might need in order to get rid of the intense smoking habit.

Does vaping affect your mental health?

Most people turn towards smoking, alcohol, or even cannabis to look for some relaxation. And these substances will give you some peace of mind as well. But not for long as once you get accustomed to these, they will become more of a necessity than some relaxation. Addiction has proven to be fatal for its user’s mental health. Vaping on the other hand works differently as it possesses friendly e-juice packages that offer nothing but flavors to the user. People with anxiety or depression will only find their conditions worsening if they continue to keep smoking conventional cigarettes instead of turning towards vaping.

Vaping is a better alternative

It is true that vaping is nowhere as harmful as smoking. Starting from heartburn to hallucinations- it is an endless list if one continues to use regular cigarettes. However, in the case of vaping, it will not be harmful if you try it once. In case you ever want to, will always be at your disposal. You can try vaping with ease, in fact, the online community today has a lot in store for newbie vaping folks. As of today, there are a ton of applications for a plethora of devices that provide a great interface for the vaping community. With tons and tons of tricks and flavor options and recipes, you can learn a lot of new tricks to make your vaping experience blissful.

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