IP Solutions to Maximize Effectiveness of Business Processes

Let’s discover some advantages of applying the IP telephony at the company, instead of traditional landline phones. Whereas we live in the era of information technologies, still some businesses choose traditional ways to communicate with the customers.

The structure of sales in the B2B sphere is specific: even if the first contact was online, then before committing the transaction, the communication can move according to following scenario: e-mails, phone calls, personal meetings.

The company operating in the B2B market with small or medium-sized businesses, has customers who got used to a certain format of purchase. And no matter how it tries to transfer all communications online, most of the sales of its services manager is carried out by phone. That’s why the quality of telephony plays a major role here.

Let’s take an example of the companies which use the services if the call centers. Call centers with virtual agents can operate in several cities, and a clear 24/7 uninterrupted connection is one of the main conditions for their productive work.

The representative of Platinum Services Ltd. (portal.voiplatinum.com), describing the opportunities of IP-telephony for business tells: “While analyzing and selecting a telecommunications service provider, it is necessary to pay special attention to companies that provide a clear and reliable connection with acceptable means. It is necessary to compare the services of all key market players and decide which offer is optimal in terms of the quality of service, service and price.”

Besides, choosing a telecom provides for business needs, a company should pay attention to how quickly managers react to all the requests, solve existing issues. It is important, because even a shortstop of the call center operation affects the company’s business performance.

Let’s see the main advantages of IP-telephony for the company

  • The cost. The cost is lower than for a fixed connection with the good quality of communication.
  • Ability to call abroad. It is important for international companies, whose top management works with colleagues from other countries, in particular by contacting by phone. Also, some companies have sales managers, who implement service packages for companies in other countries.
  • Time economy. One manager makes about 80 calls a day, and the quality of communication is not at the last place. Here one should think of convenience. Using a headset makes the manager’s work comfortable—he does not need to pick up the phone every time. It seems like a trifle, but with this volume of calls, even it saves time.
  • Recording and storage of information. An ability to record the conversation of sales managers is extremely important for appraisal the quality of their work and for developing training programs by the HR department.
  • Analysis. The data obtained from Ip-telephony makes it possible to analyze work, monitor the perception of new information after training, develop new conversation scripts, etc.

As we can see, IP-telephony has a number of strong sides that can be used to take the biggest advantage of technology in the communication and business process management.

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