IoT Solutions

You might have already heard about Internet of Things aka IoT. It has been in the talks of techies for a while. Those of you who want to make your home smarter can’t ignore the infinite possibilities of IoT solutions.

The idea is very simple. It’s connecting all your home devices to a common network so that you can control it at any time at any place. According to Gartner Inc. (A technology research and advisory corporation, there will be about 26 billion devices on the Internet of Things by 2020. There are some other approximations by some other corporations also.

IoT Solutions

But the fact is every internet connected device should have a unique identity or IP address. Now we are using IPv4. It’s limited in number. That’s why internet geeks proposed a new version of IP address, IPv6. So most of the Internet of Things devices will be using IPv6 rather than IPv4.

IoT solutions have the infinite range of possibilities. You can control your home devices from a remote place. And when you visit a shop to buy things the sensors present there can sense your shopping trend by analyzing your phone and then provide you with the offers, discount, etc. with the type of products you usually buy.

And also, wearable gadgets (like the smart watches and bands) are a trend now. You can make them smarter by integrating IoT into it.

The best input method, in my opinion, is the voice. If the voice recognition system is developed efficiently, it will only listen to your voice unless someone imitates you with 100% efficiency.

Developing a voice recognition API is not an easy. Of course, it’s a tough row to hoe. That’s why we need an API like It is a free voice recognition plus speech to text API available for free.

The company (SpeakToIt) has been in this field for a while now. So, you can trust them. And, you have nothing to lose as it comes free. When you get their product, do some experiment with the API. Then, you will get to know its efficiency.

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