Interesting Business Careers You’ve Probably Not Considered

In order to land that perfect job you need to first know that it exists! Did you know that there are all kinds of business careers out there that are not only cool, but also relatively unknown? That’s right: you could be missing out on the perfect opportunity simply because you didn’t know about it. So while you are busy studying through your online MBA program you may want to take the following careers into consideration.

Market Research Analyst

You may find yourself pretty surprised to hear that average salary in this career is $68,700. This is a relatively low-stress job, plus it can be incredibly interesting. Your role is to help your client figure out what their customer wants, as well as what the customer is willing to pay for that product or service. You will be responsible for doing the research and then writing up the reports that show your findings. Because you will always have new customers it will always feel like something new and fresh.

Medical and Health Services Manager

If you’re looking for a way to use that online MBA then you may want to look into the requirements for a medical and health services manager. The average salary in this position is a whopping $103,680. Now obviously this is a management position, so you will need to put in your time first and work your way up. Your job would be to plan out, coordinate, and direct the goings-on at healthcare facilities. You won’t be dealing with the patients; rather, you will deal with the administrative staff. As an added bonus, this field is expected to grow by almost 20% by the year 2024.


If you’re the type that wants to give back and really do something satisfying with your career, then you may want to look into becoming a professional fundraiser. You can expect to make about $56,840 per year as you help various non-profit organizations to raise money. Again, this is a growing field with plenty of opportunities ahead.

Financial Advisor

Here’s another career that can sometimes be overlooked, yet can be extremely interesting and fulfilling. The average salary of a financial advisor is $67,520. This job gives you a chance to work with people to help them better their financial position. You will offer them information and tips as you look over their finances.

Meeting Convention and Event Planning

If you have an eye for detail and have no problem taking the initiative then a meeting convention and event planner may be the perfect job for you. The average salary in this position is $45,810 and it is a fast-growing industry with plenty of job opportunities. You can plan everything from large business conventions, to small weddings and gatherings.

Looking Outside the Norm

In order to find that perfect position it may be necessary to look outside the norm and discover all kinds of interesting and fulfilling careers that exist. That dream career could be just around the corner.

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