An Insight Into The Paleo Diet

Paleo diet means eating the primal way. Many people have recently discovered the benefits of this diet and it is just awesome. There are several reasons as to why people get into this Paleo diet and each reason is different in many ways. There are different experiences for various people but most of them have recorded changes in their energy, moods and weight.


The Weston A. Price Foundation in the USA is a non-profit organization established in 1999 is based on the research of Dr. Weston A Price. It was founded by Sally Fallon Morrell and Mary G Enig. This organization has the sole mission to restore nutrient dense foods to the people of the USA via activism, education and research. The researchers here say that in the Paleo diet, the food is real and unprocessed. This means when you are under this diet you are eating the Paleo or the primal way. In this diet plan, there are some packaged and bottled food however all of them are natural. In this diet you are eliminating artificial colorings, flavorings, hidden sugar, sodium, additives, preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients. This means that when you are on this diet, you are not ingesting anything unhealthy or toxic.

 Paleo food

If you take a look at the Paleo food, you will find that it is rich in nutrients and not what some people mainly believe in- the diet is rich in protein and fat. The Paleo menu actually gets rid of the fillers which are food that is devoid of nutrients. The diet has many vegetables, seeds, fruits, nuts and healthy fat. This means you are getting vitamins and minerals in your body. The health of your colon also improves when you are eating the Paleo way. This is because your body is able to ingest more nutrients. The diet that you eat is balanced and it eradicates grains and legumes from your food. The diet is focused on giving you nutrients from seafood, plants and food that is animal based.

Better weight loss

You will find that the Paleo diet gives you better weight loss. You embrace a very healthy lifestyle and this helps you to experience long term weight loss as well as muscle growth. You also are able to receive a large amount of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Vitamin D is increased and this helps in reducing your body fat. Your metabolism also increased and the health of your colon improves- this helps you experience better sleep and less stress.

Many people complain of gas and feeling bloated after they consume food. Here the Paleo diet helps. Your fiber intake is increased and the salt intake is limited. You are also asked to consume a lot of water. The body is able to digest the food better when you opt for the Paleo diet.

The experts at Weston A. Price Foundation also state that when you opt for the Paleo diet and way of food, you will experience lesser hunger pangs. This means you are full and healthy all the time!

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