Industry Specific Uses of Modular Cold Rooms

There are many spheres in food and plant industries for which a modular cold room is an absolute necessity. Creating temporary freezers are absolutely essential for those in the catering industry for example. Other times, it is important to set up freezing capabilities that are specifically suited to your needs. Modular cold rooms are an answer to that, with modular implying they can be set up exactly where and how you wish them to.

Modular Cold Rooms

Integration of modular cold rooms in different industries:

But what exactly are the different possibilities of modular cold rooms and how are they suited to your industry?

  • Hospitality Industry: Hotels and restaurants have some unique problems for refrigeration. Cold Rooms are always in heavy use and for this purpose they are constantly opened and closed. As one can see, this poses the problem of how to retain the cold. Modular Cold Rooms specifically deal with this by creating doors, hinges and handles suited for these purposes. Food-grade sealants are installed to ensure that food is not contaminated. Special accessories are added as per need.
  • Dairy Parlours: Dairy parlours and ice-cream parlours need special capabilities to maintain the freshness of milk products. Milk products need to be stored at extremely low temperatures. Modular Cold Rooms innovatively provide solutions to these problems by providing easy walk in facilities and scroll down temperature control. Through these, you can easily walk in and organise your products in the freezer cabinets.
  • Horticulture Industries: Horticulture industry requirements are vast. These modular cold rooms need to work on sustaining the longevity of these plants. For that, humidity levels and temperature control is a key factor. Special humidifiers are special components that modular cold rooms provide to make freezing easy.
  • Hospitals and Research Facilities: This industry has the most specific requirements from freezing. Blood samples, test samples, chemicals need the precision of temperature and humidity to the last degree. Bacterial growth is a special problem. All these are effectively dealt with through special implements of modular cold rooms.
  • Speciality Industry: Different industries like wine industries, fertility facilities, cut flower businesses, spice and flavour trade all require specific requirements to suit their refrigeration needs. All of these are dealt with specialised solutions which can be put together on site. Specifications for temporary freezers are also specifically dealt with through specialised modular cold room providers.

Modular cold rooms are great for its adaptability. Give them a try today for really amazing results.

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