How to Improve your Vertical Jump for Basketball

Right that down and put it in a book, because that’s the key to improving your vertical jump in record time. There’s one rule before we get down to serious business on How To Improve Your Vertical Jump For Basketball.

#1 Do All Of These Exercises At Your Max But Don’t Max Out.

Meaning. When you jump, jump quickly as you can and explosively as you can but don’t do a lot of them. That is low reps 1 set 2 if you want to get crazy! But make sure you explode when you jump during these exercises.


Let’s Get Down To Business!!!

All Of These Drills Build On One Another To One Super Set.

Warm up – lightly jog in place for l min and then point your toes towards your knee (your ankle area flexibility is very important) do this 5 times. Hold it at the top (towards your knee) for 5 seconds.


  • First Exercise. Line Jump Drill– Find a line in the floor, draw one, ect. And do short jumps side to side for one set 12 reps. Exploding upwards in short powerful jumps. This will really help your jumping ability. Rest for 15 sec.
  • Second Exercise. Line Jump Drill Again– But this time jump Forwards and Backwards, do short jumps also for one set 9 reps. Exploding upwards in short powerful jumps again. Then take it easy for 15 more sec.
  • Third Exercise. Box Drills– This is where you combine both of these drills together. You jump to the left, jump forward, then to the right and then jump backwards. Do 6 full boxes, Exploding upwards shortly and powerfully don’t jump around stiff like a board have some bend in your knees take it easy After this rest for 20 sec. You’ll Burn Baby! But it will be worth it
  • Forth Exercise. Hourglass Cross Drills– This looks like and hourglass when you do it. Go to the line that you have been jumping around and do this. Jump forward at an angle to the left then to the side to the
  • right, backwards at an angle to the left, and then to the side to the right. You might be confused but its easy, your just jumping across then to the side. Jumping across and to the side again Tight and Explosive. Make 3 hour glass crosses and rest for 25 sec.
  • Fifth Exercise. Combine All Four Exercise For One Rep.– This means jump side to side once. Forwards and Backwards once. One Box Drill, One Hourglass Drill. Finish strong:)

Now if you do that! 2 to 3 Times a week you’ll get 10 inches on your vertical jump in no time:)

I Personally know how hard it is to learn how to dunk a basketball, when i was in high school i wanted to jump higher than everybody else, worked double hard at it tried everything on the internet (know matter how crazy) and got results but not the results they were claiming that I would get…
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