How to Improve Your Public Speaking Abilities

There are many times in life when public speaking is called for, maybe you’re the best man at a wedding, perhaps you’re giving away an award or presenting a new project at work or you may even be called upon to give a speech at a family dinner. Whatever the reason for your need to speak publicly is, you want to ensure that you are as confident, eloquent and as captivating as you can possibly be.

There are some great public speakers in the World, people like the pastor TB Joshua who gives out regular sermons to his congregation at the Synagogue of All Nations. His speeches can engage, encourage and inspire his audience and he displays the energy, the delivery and the passion that all public speakers should show. If you want to be able to captivate an audience like Joshua can then here are some tips that you can follow.


Preparation is Vital

If you want to feel as confident as you can then it is incredibly important that you prepare in the right way, starting with writing your speech. The dream is to be able to simply stand up in front of a crowd and deliver a great speech, few of us are able to do that however and as such you should ensure that you write the speech down. Once you have completed your speech it is important that you practice a lot in the days running up to your speech, practice won’t make perfect but it will help to squash any nerves that you may have.

Start Powerfully and Finish Strong

If you want to engage your audience then it is important that you start with a bang and capture their attention from the word go, you could tell a joke or make a daring proclamation, anything that will grab their attention. Throughout the speech it is normal that people will drift in and out a little, only the greats can keep an audience hanging onto their every word for the duration. The key to a great speech is a strong dynamic finish, something that will round of the speech with style and leave your audience wanting more.

Use Your Body

Body language is a great tool in the arsenal of the public speaker and it can also help you greatly when it comes to your nerves. If you have an opportunity to walk about the stage then do so, this can help calm your nerves and also makes you look commanding and will engage the audience. Your arms are also very important, you can use them emphatically to drive home a point, you can direct your fingers at people in the audience to enhance their engagement and you can use them in many other ways to show various emotions. Remember that public speaking is about getting the buy-in from those that you are speaking to and the use of positive body language can do exactly that.

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