Some Important Rules to Remember when Making Your Roller Banner

Banners are highly versatile and can be used for different purposes. You can use a roll up banner for an exhibition or trade show, or simply place it outside your shop to promote a sale or ongoing offer. You can put your banners in other places, such as in fairs or street corners, to attract an audience to your product. Indeed, there are many uses for banners – but it’s important to design your pull up banner correctly. In fact, if your banner is not up to par, it can very well leave your audience with a less-than-favourable impression of your company. So what should you remember when making your roller banner? Below are some of the most important rules for banner creation.


Your banner’s message

First, you have to determine your banner’s overall message and how this message would fit in with your existing marketing strategy or campaign. Take a piece of paper and pen and make a sketch of your main banner idea. What components would you like your banner to have? Do you have an idea of the graphics to use, and what information would be necessary? Write this all down so you can have a better perspective on how your banner should really look like.

Your banner’s words

Once you have determined the overall message of your banner and already have a good idea of its context, the next step is to determine which words to use. Write down a list of words which could be used for your banner. Whilst doing this, think of the emotion or feeling you’d like your audience to have – what emotional response can you get with the use of certain words? Think carefully about this and you’re well on your way.

Inspiration is everywhere

When it comes to finding the right inspiration for your banner, it helps a lot when you can let your creativity flow. But if you are having difficulty finding the inspiration you need to make a banner that’s truly effective, you can always look for ideas from online sources such as social media networks, Pinterest, and Instagram. Let the ideas inspire you and lead you to your own vision. Never, ever copy an idea, however, as this can lead to a world of trouble from plagiarism.

Other important rules

There are other important rules you should keep in mind when designing your pop up banners and banner stands. One rule is the rule of font and image size. When your audience is viewing your banner from 50 feet away, they should be able to read its message. When your audience is five feet away, they should be able to see small details. When your audience is a mere ten inches away, they should see the smallest details, such as the fine details on the graphics, your logo, and the like.

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