The importance of your logo and its impact on your business

When you are designing your Shopify store, you will certainly want to think about the best ways to make sure that you get the most amount of traffic possible. With the right SEO Shopify businesses can thrive, however the logo that you choose is very important too. No matter whether you are planning to work with a team of Shopify designers, or if you are thinking more along the lines of dealing with everything yourself, you need to know exactly why your logo is so important – and why, therefore, it is vital that you get it perfectly right for your store.


Your logo is “you”

If you think about any famous brand that you’re familiar with, it’s almost certain that you will be able to bring their logo to mind straight away. This is what you need to aim for with your own store; an instantly recognisable logo that people will get to know over time, and immediately think of your store when they see it. The more eye catching your logo the better, as this means that people will know that it is you straight away, which is of course exactly what you are aiming for.

The colours can say more than you think

The colours of your logo can say different things, and it is vital that you are able to give the exact impression that you are aiming for when it comes to creating your own company logo for your business. For example, black is sleek and professional, pink can be associated with femininity, and orange brings to mind thoughts about tropical climates and sunshine. By choosing the right colours for your logo, you can make sure that you make the impression that you’re looking for.

Take care of your sizing

When you make your logo, you need to remember that it is going to be viewed on screens of all different sizes, and this means that you must ensure that it is easy to view on any screens necessary. If your logo is blurred when on wider screens, or any text is difficult to read on a smaller screen, your audience will find it difficult to engage with your brand, and you might find that this is something that could be quite damaging to your reputation in the long term.

Your logo shows ownership

When you have a logo, and people begin to recognise it, everything that it is stamped on will be associated with you. Over time, as you build up a name for yourself, this is something that could grow to be very beneficial, meaning that people will start to recognise you, what you do, and how well you do it.

Ultimately, when you consider the fact that your logo really is you as a business, it is clear that you should spend as much time as possible working on it, to ensure that it is absolutely perfect for the purpose that you need it for. Effort in the short term is sure to bring plenty of benefits in the long term.

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