The Importance of Courts in Society

In any country, courts play a very important role. They are responsible for protecting the right of the people that are defined in the constitution and they are also responsible for upholding security and law in any country. Their main purpose is to run the country by bringing democracy in the country and they also provide equal rights to the people. Nobody is superior in front of law and everybody is treated equally. In any judiciary, the main person is the clerk. A clerk is performing both judiciary and non-judiciary duties. No doubt courts play a very important role in providing justice to both minorities and majorities on an equal basis. It is an obligation on everybody to obey the law and order defined by the court to bring prosperity to the country.

The Role of Clerks in Court

The main role that a clerk plays in a court is to make a record of all the cases that are being presented in the court. He is also responsible for following up them in an organized manner. He has all the knowledge related to these cases and can provide it if required. He is a legal person and he is managing all the non-judicial workers in the court by managing and maintaining all the legal work. During any hearing, all the records and evidence of the cases are presented in front of judge under his responsibility and administration. He is the only one to manage all o them. Every section in the court has a clerk and he is just there to provide assistance to the judge. All the lawyers also get assistance from him during the hearing. His appointment is done by the judge. Sometimes he is being elected by the people of the country at the region level.

Different Duties that a Clerk Performs

Above you have got a brief description of the duties of the clerk. Below you are going to get a complete list of tasks that he performs in the court.

  • Maintaining the record of all the requests received for licenses from the country, municipal and other departments of the country.
  • The daily tasks of the office.
  • Keeping the record of all the hearing in the court.
  • Setting appointments and the meeting schedule.
  • Searching all information for judge related to the case.
  • To prepare all the documentation of the case that is to be heard.
  • Maintain all the correspondence with the parties.
  • To perform the task like bookkeeping and accounting.
  • Keeping the receipts of all the related documents.
  • He is also a jury commissioner.
  • He is the chief information officer of the court also serves as a chief financial officer.
  • He has to keep the court’s money and record.

Becoming a Court’s Clerk

Any person who wants to be a clerk of courts should have a degree or related specialization in this field. Having an administrative degree will be more beneficial as he has to act like an administrator. He can also have a degree related to criminal justice system.  A clerk is equally important in maintaining the law and order of the country like a court.

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