Immortal Files – Backup Your Data In Minutes

Immortal Files is one of the most innovative and useful software to create the backup of files and data. It keeps the backup of every file and let you create a full backup of your files at once. It provides safe transfer of data on and off your computer. It helps you to establish a backup of your files to the external drivers, USB or on a server without getting into troubles. All the standard protocols support, and it takes you only a few minutes to back up the entire data even on the slow connection due to default functionality.

Immortal Files

Immortal Files is free to download and can install it on the local machine quickly. It doesn’t let you lose your valuable information and data in case of system collapse or failure. The software makes it easy to keep the daily file backup to any other location that is convenient for you to manage and access online. You might find hundreds of applications that could make it easier for you to backup your file, but most of them ask for huge monthly subscriptions, and they are very complex. On the other hand, Immortal files are easy to use for novice and professionals at the same time. You don’t have to deal with the complex configuration of the software when you want to backup the data and defining rules for the backup. It gives good alternatives to the leading software and secures your data without infecting or damaging the files.

The best thing about the Immortal Files includes its versatility and compatibility to different systems. The software is compatible with various operating systems including Linux, Windows, and Mac. It keeps all the records of your file movements, and you can retrieve your data any time with the modern file system. The file backup software uses the encryption technology to create the backup, and no one can access the data without the software and restoration is only possible with the help of this software. The software has the capability to pause and resume that doesn’t let you lose the while data transfer even if the power losses or you unplugs your external driver, the data already copied will not ruin, and it can easily store. It gives you the facility to automatically backup your data at flexible schedules with permissions.

The software creates the backup and gives you the facility to pause the data transfer meanwhile in case your electricity connection is lost, or you have to move somewhere else in a hurry. When you resume the data transfer, you data will start moving from the point where it halted. So, this makes backing up huge database easier than the conventional file backup systems. It also gives you provision to protect the application with the password to restrict the access of data on the public network.

The versatile, flexible and creative software has made the data transfer simple and convenient process. Now you can easily huge backup data with this simple software.

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