IMEI Changer

Are you looking for a way to unlock your SIM locked mobile phone device, or network locked tablet? If so, then you must learn more about the IMEI Changer software tool. This is the tool that will turn all of your problems into benefits the moment you install in on your laptop or computer. With just a few clicks you will manage to change the IMEI of your electronic device and with that to revere the locked status of your gadget into “unlocked”. What is more, you will even manage to replace the current IMEI with the newly generated IMEI wherever it is saved.

IMEI Changer Software

The IMEI Changer software tool is not harmful for your computer nor for your cell phone device. On the contrary, it is very sophisticated and safe to use on whatever computer device that you decide to install it. It works on all operative systems and the outcome is always great. Additionally, you don’t get to pay for using the services of this tool; you only get to revel in it.

When the IMEI-changing procedure is done you can immediately take out the SIM card you have been using before and insert any SIM card from the many carriers around the world and use that instead. The IMEI change is permanent and so is the SIM unlock that inevitably comes with it. If you have done some research and some digging on the internet you have probable come across many stories of people who managed to unlock their cell phone devices. Many of them paid a lot of money for the unlocking service and spent a lot of time, efforts and nerves before the deed was done. You can skip all the contempt of the SIM unlocking procedure only with the IMEI Changer software tool. Changing the IMEI is like changing your phone’s electronic name and this change is automatically applied in the database of the carrier where you bought the phone. this is an amazing news for all those of you who no longer want to use the services of the one and only carrier or for all those of you who bought their mobile phone from a second hand retailer and don’t like the idea that u must use the services of the carrier that the previous owner used. Now you can easily make the purchase of a SIM locked mobile phone device and make it SIM unlocked with this free application. Needless to say, you will pay a lot more if you buy a mobile phone that is already locked, but that shouldn’t bother you now that you know all about the IMEI changing tool.

IMEI Changer Tool

Changing the IMEI code of a device is not like changing the password or the pattern of the device. The procedure is far more complicated and that is why you need a professional tool like the IMEI Changer software tool. On the other hand you don’t have to be a professional to use the tool for your purposes. All you really need to do is get the tool on your computer, make sure that the internet connection is running smoothly, find the USB cable for your mobile phone device and discover your device’s current IMEI code that you wish to change.

IMEI Changer Process

If you are not the original owner of the mobile phone and you have no packaging box to look for the IMEI, then you can check the settings menu of the mobile phone for the IMEI or you can simply dial *#60# for the IMEI to appear. Make sure that you copy the IMEI code correctly because if you don’t then the entire IMEI-changing operation will fall to pieces. Should you enter the wrong IMEI code for three successive attempts you will lose all rights to change your current identification code.

When you have the old IMEI just open the tool from your computer and connect your mobile phone to it using the USB cable. Once that is done you may complete the fields require and wait for a couple of minutes before the IMEI changing is done and over with.

If you still have any questions you can contact the support center or send them an email or read the complete list of instructions posted on the web.

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