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The device owner (iPad or iPhone) has the device (IMEI number) associated with their iCloud account. This comes about when the device the “Find My iPhone / iPad” function under the iCloud account is active. Is there any way to permanently remove bypass icloud lock? Yes there are ways but they are very not easy to learn.

If this link is maintained, the device can indeed play via DFU mode (maintenance mode) from scratch, but to activate the device fails because you have to log in to the iCloud account of the owner. If the owner does not remove the link in the iCloud online account, the unit is worthless, since you cannot use it without activation. It comes in the setup does not have this item on the unit out. Similarly, when the device is plugged into the laptop and is connected to iTunes, and here you have to enter the iCloud login information of the owner.

One already recognizes that this association helps very well prevent theft. In fact, the rates of stolen iPhones have fallen dramatically. Dopey is of course if you buy a used iPhone or iPad that has this link from the previous owner and this is no longer the line, or you cannot establish contact with the person.

Therefore often devices are resold with this lock. Under no circumstances should you buy such or ask when buying a used iOS device ever after iCloud account whether the was cleanly separated from the device. How to remove the lock works here stated very simply.


iCloud link that Basics

When iCloud link two things are possible:

  1. A) To separate the link was the owner simply forgot or deliberately not released what is actually fraud.
  2. B) The device is registered with Apple as stolen and therefore the link is maintained. (Machine is on a blacklist)


In case A, there is in theory still have a chance in the second case, it is meaningless. In case B, there is the Internet and services to bring the promise devices from the blacklist.

If you now have a device that has a lock iCloud, they would be able easily to contact Apple, so they remove the lock? Yes, that is possible, but without the original bill of the device plus bill at hand Sale, Apple will never lift a finger. I have to read countless posts and I have confidence in this.




When buying a used iPhone or iPad always paying attention, this is the iCloud lock inactive. In my case I give the advice, all the tools, including viruses and malware do not download. I now know a service that promises the permanently remove bypass iCloud lock, after I read countless posts about it and also reputable acting sites have turned out to be scammers. If this service works, I’ll be happy here describe it again, even with the backgrounds why but then collapsed.

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