ICC RAK Company Launches Boulevard Business Centre in Dubai

With the aim of rendering quality services and facilities to its customers for the achievement of the highest level of success, RAK ICC company (Free Trade Zone) set-up the Boulevard Business Centre in Dubai on 21 June.

The Boulevard Business Centre is located on the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. The purpose of this new office is to provide direct access for both prospective and existing clients to the company. This RAK ICC Company has saved clients that live around this area the stress of running to different locations just to make sure they meet their bureaucratic requirements. The services carried out in this centre include new sales, licencing and leasing, registration, government services and company support. This has given clients the privilege of gaining access to all their business requirements in one location.

RAK ICC Company

RAK ICC Company had promotion and business centre in Fairmount Dubai Hotel but was recently shot down on 18 June 2015 due to lack of space to conveniently carry out their services. The movement of this business to a more spacious and convenient place simply portrays the commitment of rendering not just high-quality services and facilities, but also for easy accessibility. According to the acting CEO of RAK ICC Company, Ramy Jallad, “All our currently available services in our RAK Business centre headquarters have been gathered under a single roof in the heart of Dubai. This integration allows for the easy setup and expansion of growing companies in one of the world’s most active business centres.”

RAK ICC Company proudly renders a wide range of value-added services to help investors in their new ventures. Customers may wish to meet with the professional team in Boulevard business centre for facility services and licencing. These services include licence and share amendments, licencing renewal, letter and certificate request, and facility expansion. There are also servicems such as Emirate ID applications, investor and worker visa applications, and medical check applications.

The RAK ICC Company, Boulevard Business Centre branch is situated on the 22nd floor of the Boulevard Plaza Tower II in Emaar Boulevard. This business centre features a modern and unique Arabian design that projects the free zone’s new image. Inside the business centre exudes elegance, granites and dark woods. It conveys a luxurious atmosphere with a clear sight of the Burj Khalifa and the whole Downtown Dubai area. The layout and interior design of RAK ICC Company were purposely designed for the maximisation of solar lighting in mthe office.

The new Boulevard Business Centre is also a place of meeting for some ICC RAK Company strategic partners. These partners include VFS Global, a firm that offers consular and identity management solutions and visa; Noor Bank, an Islamic bank that renders financial services and products; and Cosmo Travel, an agency that offers travel solutions for both corporate and independent travellers.

Part of the ICC RAK Company customer-centric business model is to have some of its partners on board at the newly established Boulevard office. The Boulevard Business Centre helps for easy access to the free zone services and also helps ICC RAK Company deliver the most consistent customer experience.

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