HVAC Service in Grand Rapids Michigan

After installation of your new HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system, then what do you want? you want its best performance for years at the highest level possible. for this purpose, you need a reliable HVAC company who can provide the ongoing maintenance and repair work (routine and emergency) to keep your new heating and air conditioning system functioning more effectively and efficiently. you need the HVAC services in Grand Rapids Michigan. As Grand Rapids being the second largest city in the U.S state of Michigan, it is the also the largest city in West Michigan and located on the Grand River about 30 miles East of Lake Michigan.

HVAC Service in Grand Rapids Michigan

Why You Need HVAC Service in Grand Rapids Michigan:

usually, a heating and AC equipment are required to tolerate extreme weather. This provides quite a dependable comfort in extreme temperatures. During intense temperature changes motors, complex electronics, and critical components face intense stress which causes their highly low-level performance. To reduces the chances of an unexpected HVAC equipment dysfunction, regular annual maintenance of HVAC equipment is very important.

Some Comprehensive HVAC Services in Grand Rapids Michigan:

HVAC Services in Grand Rapids Michigan includes:

  • Air Conditioning Services
  • HVAC unit replacement
  • Furnace Services
  • Heating System Repairs and Installation

Air Conditioning Services:

an air conditioner filter, fins, and coils require proper maintenance services to work effectively and efficiently.

Air Conditioner Filters:

for the appropriate working of an air conditioner, cleaning of its filters is very necessary. clogged and dirty filters cause hindrance in the normal air flow which reduces the efficiency of an air conditioner so it is the point to call for an HVAC service because filters may need frequent attention if the air conditioner is in constant use.

Air Conditioner Coils:

an air conditioner coils cleaning service is also included in HVAC service in Grand Rapids Michigan. as the main function of air conditioner coils is to collect dirt and debris. this dirt causes in blockage of air flow. to avoid this problem HVAC Service in Grand Rapids Michigan check your evaporator coil every year and clean it as necessary.

Coil Fins:

HVAC Service in Grand Rapids Michigan offers you a “Fin Comb” that keeps the Fins in their original position to prevent the blockage of air flow through the coil.

Condensate Drains:

as clogged drain channels are unable to reduce humidity and causes excess moisture which may discolor walls and carpet. HVAC Services in Grand Rapids Michigan solves your problem by passing a stiff wire through the unit`s drain channels which enhance the working of an air conditioner.

Furnace Services:

In the furnace services of  HVAC services in Grand Rapids Michigan includes:

  • inspection of an ignition system
  • changing of disposable filters to clean permanent filters
  • for efficient combustion testing of burners
  • checking and adjusting the blower
  • measurement of gas pressure in the unit
  • inspection of the vent pipe and confirmation of exhaust pathway.

Other HVAC Services in Grand Rapids Michigan:

followings are some more HVAC Services in Grand Rapids Michigan.

  • Installation of ducts and Vents
  • Replacement of radiators and boilers
  • Installing or removing water or fuel tanks
  • Electric wall or radiant heat system
  • repairing of an attic, bath and ceiling fans
  • electric and solar water heater

Benefits of HVAC Services in Grand Rapids Michigan:

  • lower repair cost
  • longer equipment life
  • reduced utility costs
  • better comfort
  • improved performance

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