How to wear the LBD

The first thing to mention here is: wear it like it makes you look like a million bucks, and be sure it will!

Before starting to give you several outfit ideas on how you might mix and match the LBD for some successful appearances, the most important thing to remember here is: It’s all about the attitude and the way it makes you feel.


Picking the right silhouette and size is everything. If you don’t have it right from this first try, you might as well stop trying to mix and match it because it will look awful.

Go for a size that compliments your figure and not one that will keep you tied up. A loose fit is always a great choice because it will also make you look thinner. It may sound weird but it’s actually true and you have to try it to believe it.

So let’s say you’ve found the LBD of your dreams and you want to wear it for three totally different events.

  1. Going to a club. In this case you will want to stand out for sure. And being a club, you will need to shine and sparkle to get noticed. Add a sequined blazer to top the look and some really high heels you can dance in. Pull your hair up so your dress will get all the attention. If you like big earrings, this is the time to get them out of your jewelry box.
  2. A fancy cocktail party? No problem for the LBD to get you on the red carpet. Silver or gold strappy sandls will save the day. Go for edgy heels if your dress is very simpl, but don’t try to hard, you might just ruin the whole outfit. A beaded clucth is the best accessory for the ocassion so if you don’t own one yet it’s time to go out and buy one.
  3. A rock concert with friends. For a cool and edgy appearance, get a mesh dress with long sleeves underneath your sleeveless LBD. Complete the look with some rock ankle boots and a cool leather biker jacket. When it comes to accessories you can wear as many as you want, but be sure you don’t wear all of the ones you own. Less is more, even in this case.

If you like extravagant outfits and you might think that the LBD is too dull for you, how about going for a leather dress? Simple, shift or fitted you name it! It might just be the most versatile piece from your closet.

EXTRA TIP: Wear the LBD as a top with a maxi chiffon skirt, or even as a skirt with a silk shirt over. There are tons of different ways to style it, but be sure it reflects your personality.

How would you wear the LBD?

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