How to use flipbook in business

You can create multiple links by using the flipbook in your business. It is used in any business category because of the easy accessibility it offers to the viewers. Your files easily become accessible by multiple used without any extra effort. The flipbook makes it a lot easier to have links inside the application. Your business can have a great level of benefits by using this feature. The methodology used to make links in flipbook is described here.

Import of the document

First of all, select the document you want to publish in the flipbook. After making the right selection, you have to import it. The import of the document is necessary to make it able to add links in the document because adding the links is the basic purpose of which we are using flipbook.

Embed link in flipbook publication

After making the import of document, you should make a right choice about the places in the document where you want to embed your links. Location of the link at the right place is the key point here. The selection of place should be done carefully because it will have an impact on whether the user will have a look at the link or not. To make it more attractive select a page that is more eye-catching. Then there are multiple methods for embedding the link in a document. Here are those methods.

Method 1

The first and most widely used method of embedding the link in a flipbook is clicking the cover and flipping the targeted page. Here you make a connection to the cover page with the target page.

Method 2

There is a publication head present while making a flipbook. You should add your required page where you want to place the link on that head. The link will be placed in the required page by using that publication tab.

Method 3

The thumbnails are available on the right side of your documents. You should just select the pages where you want to place the link, and it will appear on the selected thumbnails.

One other method is sometimes used in which you just right click on the pages list and then click on edit option. It is also an easy way of adding flipbook.

Customization of the link

Once you have added the link to the required place, it is good to customise it according to your desire. Making a different and attractive link will appeal more viewers to the link, and it will get more clicks. You can change the colour of your link. After making desired changes to the link, you can add another link by inserting it from the menu.

By using these simple techniques, you can use flipbooks in your business and enhance the user engagement. It is necessary for the publicity and marketing of your business. Once the link has been added, it can also be edited anytime you want a change.

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