How to type like a Professional?

Touch typing is a skill that helps a person type by utilizing all tens of their fingers. Typing may seem like a hassle especially if you are someone who has to constantly write via using the keyboard. At this point, we all can write on a keyboard but it’s the speed and precision that differentiates us. Here is our detailed take on typing for dummies. Follow these tips and you will start typing like a champ within no time.

What are the benefits of touch typing?

At this point, you might be wondering about the benefits of touch typing. In the beginning, it may seem as if your current method of writing that is with the two fingers is the fool-proof way for typing but trust me once you start writing by utilizing all ten of your fingers, typing will become a piece of cake for you. Whether it’s about, completing your project or sending an email, touch typing is beneficial for all walks of life that require computer access. You would rarely use a mouse to write something down so for writing speedily, use the touch typing method.

What is exactly touch-typing?

Do not misinterpret touch-typing with typing on a touch screen as both of these are different from each other. Touch typing is the art of writing from a keyboard using your all ten fingers and without peeking through the keys. Each one of us has different typing speed but through the online test, you can easily increase your typing rate per minute. The trick is to memorize which finger controls which key. To do so, you should also memorize the whole keyboard and symbol placement on it.

How should the fingers be placed on the keyboard?

To position your fingers correctly and to type fast you must keep in mind these two rules:

  • Try to write without looking at the keyboard over and over again. Of course, in the beginning, you will look at it more often but with more practice, you will write swiftly without needing to view the keys.
  • Try to improvise the spelling mistakes that you do and keep learning ways to be more accurate when it comes to writing.

Place all of your fingers on the starting position on the keyboard. This placement is commonly known as home positions. Keep in mind that the home keys are ’F’ and ‘J’ where both your index fingers should be placed. Because of them being the home keys, both of these keys have small indentations as this will help the typist to return the fingers into their original key positions on the keyboard once a word is typed.

What is a good keyboard for beginners?

At this point, you must know that there are so many kinds of keyboards out there in the market. If you are fond of typing using two fingers or if you are a novice for touch typing, then you can purchase a keyboard that split the keys down to the middle. Purchase the keyboard by keeping in mind different aspects like the size of your hands, visual impairments, screen size, and area on which you are going to put your keyboard.

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