How to Throw a Successful Fundraiser

A successful fundraiser can help you to sponsor and group or an event. An unsuccessful fundraiser can fall short of meeting their goal. There are a number of tips, tricks, and hints that can help to make sure that your fundraisers are successful.


One of the first steps to creating a successful fundraiser is to decide on the purpose of the fundraiser. Do you want to raise 10k for a local children’s hospital or maybe you will like to sponsor a local sport’s team. You should only have one purpose because it helps to keep your fundraiser organized. Also, if you have multiple purposes for your fundraiser you can miss out of possible sponsors. Fundraising bricks can help you to decide on a purpose.


Now that you have your purpose thought out, it is time to set a goal. Your goal should also include the amount that you want to raise plus any expenses that you will encounter during the fundraiser. Properly calculating your goal is necessary and if not done properly, then you fundraiser can be labeled unsuccessful rather than successful.

Know your spending limit

Your fundraiser should have a budget or you will find yourself overspending. Your financial plan ought to incorporate staff, space rental, providing food, transportation, security, utilities, and whatever else that required to make sure that your fundraising event runs smoothly.

Have an idea of who you will approach

Fundraising should be treated like a business. In a business it is important for you to market your products or services to your niche audience. With the help of understanding your niche market, you will more likely receive customers. This same ideology can get for your fundraiser. If you are raising money for a local library so that they can publish books, then you will target individuals that possibly have kids, have used the library in the past, or advocates for the community. It is true that sometimes individuals that are not in your niche market may give to your cause but they may not happen often. So instead of wasting time trying to get lucky with a potential giver, increase your chances by targeting individuals that are connected to your cause.

Plan Ahead

According to Murphy’s Law everything that can go wrong will go wrong. This cliché’ phrase should cause you to be prepared for almost anything. If you are having singers as entertainment for your fundraising event then be sure to have a backup plan just in case the singing act does not show up. Some people may not wish to double book an act or to plan for “just in case” movements and that is fine. But make sure that you have the basics covered. If you are doing a car wash to help raise money, then make sure that you have booked the place you will have the car wash in advance. Also, make sure that there is no rain expected on the day that you wish to have the fundraiser. And last but not least, have all the supplies that you need on the day of your fundraiser.


Marketing is important for any fundraising event. Without marketing and promoting your fundraiser it may fail and be unsuccessful. Marketing allows people to know when, where, and what your fundraiser is about. Such marketing can be achieved with the help of posted flyers, phone calls, direct mail, and announcements in the newspaper.

Collect monies

Once you have promoted and marketed your fundraising event it is now time to create a system to collect the funds. Will you be directly selling tickets to your fundraiser event or will you be collecting at the door? Also, who will you trust to collect the money or will you be the only one to handle the funds received.


Now that you have planned every aspect of your fundraiser it is time to give a run through of the event. During this rehearsal, the host will understand where to stand and how long he or she will need to entertain the audience. The performers will also learn where to enter the stage and where to exit the stage. Without rehearsal time everyone that is a part of the event will be confused and lead to chaos in your fundraiser event.

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