How to Tell Someone You Love Them?

It sometimes becomes quite difficult to express your feelings, but it even gets more complicated when you have to say “I love you.” For some people, it takes years to express their feelings for someone and can’t start a serious relationship due to hesitation and lack of confidence to communicate. However, in a relationship, words play an important role so if you want to take the relationship seriously, then you have to tell your feelings to the person. It is the fact that even after the thorough preparation you can’t express your love in words because it’s not easy to say “I Love You” to someone if you don’t know the person in detail.


Let us help you how to prepare yourself to tell someone that you love them. Once you have expressed your feelings, then you can’t take your words back. However, if you are fascinated towards someone, then you must know the feelings of that person. If that person has the same feelings, then you should do something to get positive feelings so that you can say what is in your heart and say the words for that person.

If you are spending time with the individual for whom you have particular feelings, then get closer to that person physically and emotionally to know about his likes and dislikes. Judge the feelings and if you think that that person has the same emotions for you, then you should express your feelings for that person.

Don’t let yourself trapped in fear because it will not help to say what you want and make the person feel what you have in your heart.

If you are unable to express your feelings, then you will surely lose the person and can’t engage that person in a real relationship. Expressing your love for someone will simply convey the message and that person will expect a lot from you or you can also use some cute love sayings to express your feelings.:

  • You will be there for him/her in the need of the hour.
  • You want to live with that person for the rest of your life.
  • You wish to make the person happy and want to support the person.
  • You want to spend most of your time with them.


Wrap your words with the compelling and persuasive words and speak with truth and passion. Tell the person that you want to live in a relationship for the long term.

Keep on trying to convey your message to the person with whom you fall in love and engage in a long-term relationship with the time. Know what the person wants or minds and stand with them in every need of an hour. Start a relationship with the truth and sincerity and make that person feel special.

Don’t get intimate with the person too soon because it will spoil your relationship and put your relationship in jeopardize. Take the person in confidence and say whatever lies in your heart.

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